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  • 00:00: Hello hello today will cook here such beautiful air very awesome delicious cheesecake cream it is suitable for rewind cakes Cake can be his used as separate dessert add chocolate here fruit as well as possible use it is based on oil use for cupcakes and curd cream we need curd 200 300 400 gram can be taken at the I have here 300 grams
  • 00:30: pack of butter necessarily room temperature and 200 grams and powdered sugar on taste first we must smash blender cheese went well the curd is ready If no blender you can grind this hand through sieve stopped him while the side is now
  • 01:00: Let us oil oil We need to beat with a mixer beat well to it brightened and a little bit increased volume oil well whipped Now it looks now all combine add all the dos I forgot to say cheese I cheese I did not fatty to me there is no difference quite some cheese
  • 01:31: well, what are you fat cheese can take and lean take 5 can be oily percent 9 percent nine percent absolutely not play the value of all add connect powdered sugar on liking someone loves sweeter someone does not love very sweet sweet I love more sweet cream mp up like that and then can try
  • 02:02: even a little bit will add and everything else, beat about 35 minutes at a small speed Well see how lovely cream we He turned very delicious as the air cloud if desired here you can add vanilla sugar any than you can add
  • 02:33: nuts, chocolate in general experiment all according to your taste and I want to wish leave the cream here this form it and have I like I want here is nothing to add superfluous and this will cream now! recoat cake [music] [music]
  • 03:42: such a beautiful
  • 05:13: cake we I turned over Decor I It bothers all anyway this cake for himself for relatives swing Now I'll show you how cream in the context of very gentle and soft cake look what beauty
  • 05:43: very very gently delicious perfectly if you in my video was useful to put the Huskies subscribe to my channel until all until insanely delicious cake a gentle cream