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Slivochno - cheese cream for cake the recipe. Very gentle and dense tasty cream!  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear my friends today I you want to share recipe cooking cream cheese cream fine for interlayers
  • 00:30: vanie cake for him Decoration with this cream I will do red velvet cake video you see the already very soon in the mixer bowl put cream cheese Philadelphia and to cardboard and beat until fluffy
  • 01:00: A couple of minutes add the sifted icing sugar continue whisking on small speeds gradually their increase mix
  • 01:46: creamy cream cheese removing from the walls stuck in sugar powder add a teaspoon teaspoon vanilla essences and continue beat turn-by-cream
  • 02:20: I must say that cream should be necessarily chilled they are my in the refrigerator and Peres cooking cream cheese cream I put them on 15 20 minutes freezing camera add the cream does not large portions constantly churning cream mix just once another again
  • 02:51: continue whisking in five minutes whipping Here's what my creamy cream cheese I believe that even you need one or two
  • 03:21: minute to catch it and he will be ready Now he's a uniform and dense here he is ready and turned a soft and thick
  • 03:51: According cream can be promazyvat cakes and you can cover the entire cake and otsazhivayut various ornaments of pastry bag the cream Outstanding approach to red velvet cake subscribe to my channel and you are the first see the video on how how to cook a cake red velvet and decorate it for the day Saint Valentine's this cream can be
  • 04:27: do simple decorations for the cake well keep their shape if you want to to get more resistant peak then the cream should do a bit different recipe by adding the beginning butter butter details on how
  • 05:03: It can be done Now decorate a cake you can seen in my next video which will be released in just a a few days but I you say goodbye to goodbye to you was Irina