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Smetanny cream from low-fat sour cream – the recipe of the Grandmother Emma  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello today my granddaughter, Daniela and I emma grandmother prepare sour cream low-fat cream sour cream cream can be cook out fat sour cream at least 25 percent but not always so Sour cream is in the sale how to raise the fat content cream take 1 kilograms of sour cream better fatter we
  • 00:30: take the cream 20 percent fat sour cream 20 percent fat cook sour cream so we can not be thrown back sour cream we turn on the gauze put in kulochek or colander suspended in cold place at 24 hours after 24 hours when there is a sour cream will serum
  • 01:01: shift the cream of gauze mixer bowl we've got 750 grams of sour cream fat about twenty seven percent add 300 grams sugar and 10 grams vanilla sugar and whisk at high speed until sour cream sour cream use for cooking cakes
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