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  • 00:00: Hello my expensive again today I'm with you on Antonina my channel is not Tony cake, I would like to show how to make fruit oil this cream cream cool as an alternative fruit Cremona which is very much on creamy base and very soft for many cakes such as a doll or any other 3d cakes or just top where you need
  • 00:30: stability embodiment cream will not go either here in this case, convenient to use namely fruit oil cream I now use berries in this recipe on you use any other fruits to that I like him to do to you Now for the show oil fruit cream we need fruits we took from berries were mixed berries we freeze them growth or may also be take mangoes and pineapples bananas anything we took 250 grams Now we need them
  • 01:00: turn into a puree and strain through a sieve to remove all the bones if you take soft fruit pitted and then through a wipe they should not be and then we need a Fruit juice and either water to stuff that's make fruit puree 400 ml as we need Depending on how you and sweet fruits take 60 80 grams sugar sand 3 yolk and 35
  • 01:31: gram of starch I have now is potatoes on possible take corn from these products we We will boil pudding and further as this It is the fruit of our cream component we need oil 250 grams of butter I cut into pieces and leave at room the temperature moment there will prepared pudding oil already just take but the desired temperature we start with cooking
  • 02:01: pudding I have supervised and I flow through networks to remove all the bones eventually we it turned 250 milliliters of liquid and I add up to 400 and
  • 02:31: you can take the liquor I can take the water here taking red juice to to color I remained my red taste, respectively that's up to 400 milliliters I supplemented with experience juice pudding I mix all ie, components fruit of the egg yolks and sugar and starch and cold state all
  • 03:03: I stirred up nice smooth uniform mass not after here all mixed up put on fire turn on middle our stove and the fire
  • 03:34: boiled before thicken puddings at constant stirring Now before this
  • 04:23: state brewed pudding you see that it is not boiled but thickens and now I it passes through sieve and leave cool down still hot pudding Cover with food film to so that during the cooling it is not was formed
  • 04:53: the skin is just like that Now it is fully on Bed and plenochka I leave him to it not cooled down to room temperature is important the temperature butter and our fruit pudding was same after like pudding has cooled to room temperature butter I'm starting to cut whisking well butter to white air state and choosing cream Oil is important that it quality was only if it
  • 05:24: can make good quality emulsion with pudding because it's the pudding Moisture is a liquid and molecules of fat only then there may well him to take a therefore, we beat well good quality oil five or ten minutes I whipped cream Oil and pudding here at I have here a I consistency his little and stirred spoon during add whipping butter is steps to make
  • 05:56: the oil can take this of the pudding and then It has to be added and behold a
  • 07:01: cream consistency in and the result is a that's so beautiful pink I turned out in cream very gentle cream wet so to mastic As I have already told me suitable for mastic and for decoration all kinds of parts roses and leaves it It is also too soft but he very delicate very tasty as layer cake perfect as possible
  • 07:32: him to do and cupcakes top yes if you use other fruit accordingly you can turn a completely different taste and color but I was glad that you me see you next video bye Bye