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We treat joints in the flowers of a lilac  See details »

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  • 00:00: for cooking tinctures take approximately about 100 grams of fresh flowers lilac if you using dry flowers, their weight should be not more than 50 and the number of grams fluid that needed for this a volume of about 250 milliliters necessary remember that for cooking tincture of flowers lilac is not necessary to take alcohol and sorokaprotsentny it solution that is solution of
  • 00:31: concentration appropriate the most common of vodka The fact is that tincture is used or diluted form or externally on the body and high concentration alcohol can simply burn skin, and so in the capacity of we put flowers lilac I have them obtained a lot of volume nonetheless a small amount of weight and about 100
  • 01:01: grammes if you put flowers oil bottle in in this case the bank wide mouth wide mouth is process will move significantly faster so will very beautiful but Unfortunately drink in large amounts not recommended for business is that lilacs and the plant is poisonous and it is very important not exceed
  • 01:31: The recommended dose and the most important thing I I think that such it should be used mainly externally putting on the body at certain disease because when not subject dosage you are very You are taking a big risk so even a small number of colors lilac add to our tinctures it can already be confine flowers lilac 40 percent alcohol solution
  • 02:02: to a volume of about 100 grams of flowers we Refill 250 milliliters of vodka but because we the weight of several colors More then we topped up here 300 milliliters after we flooded lilac flowers I vodka we need to close to close the container
  • 02:33: alcohol does not evaporate then we put it in a dark room at the two weeks is desirable not just put and forget every day a little Shake on the rack and then extraction will be better and soon after two week tincture must then filtered there through a fine sieve or through one gauze layer transfuse it into another container Flowers then
  • 03:04: you can already throw or some other manner recover tincture of it principle in the national medicine recommends drink into as an antipyretic soothing diuretic antimicrobials means nonetheless I'll say that again lilac plant toxic and better all this infusion applied externally and Here outside it used in various joint pain myelitis gout heel
  • 03:35: spur in this case, tincture applied to gauze and rubbing the affected place before wraps it cotton or woolen scarf or handkerchief procedure is better best done the evening before bedtime Moreover tincture lilac can used for treatment of zoster in this if it is desirable to Cook little bit more
  • 04:05: then concentrated there are 100 grams colors not take 250a 200 milliliters of the alcohol there is one to the proportion of one of this tincture lubricate the affected space 2a times a day, well, they say that next week zoster fully passes or leaves no tracks but if we apply tincture of lilac and Internally it is it is usually at bronchitis, laryngitis i.e
  • 04:35: inflammatory processes oral and throat, and in this if it is necessary dilute boiled drinking water in a proportion of ten to one that is 10 milliliters tinctures are ready taken 90 milliliters water and in this form and and take small doses of 1 teaspoon spoon adults and 1 tablespoon 2 times in a day
  • 05:05: if such tincture diluted more neither to ten 1 to 15, it can be use for mouthwash and throat but again it must be remembered is that the dosage more than in any case can lilac is not prepared only at the front but another infusion and whose and besides flowers also used the leaves of this plant considered that the young leaves and lilac help
  • 05:36: the maturation of abscesses and the removal of pus at different inflammatory processes for to use them they must first carefully grind must be no very small about somewhere half a centimeter two centimeters here Such are the pieces leaves then they can grind into mush and to impose on sore spots if you want
  • 06:06: save this drug means more the long period from it as possible prepare a tincture about the same proportions one-to-one 1 part leaves on a equal parts by weight vodka all the same as well as with the infusion of flowers infused in Within two weeks a dark place then drained and used in as a poultice saw on the affected places it should be noted
  • 06:37: if you decide prepare a tincture lilac own need to take into account two things firstly cooking tincture should be taken not some kind of varietal lilac but the most usual which is growing but enough everywhere except of the same tool drug and therefore it is necessary think about the cleanliness the original product Of course this is not the tincture which taken inside and it is used in
  • 07:07: mainly the externally Still raw materials for her still the best gather in some locations distant from roads from industrial enterprises and better just somewhere for city you should also remember that lilac has a very a strong smell of this the smell of whatever pleasant it was not him acts annoyingly for our the nervous system so go to sleep in a room where stands by Bulka villages not recommended I wish you to be
  • 07:37: always healthy cheerful and have spring mood