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  • 00:00: Hello I want to share with you experience in the use This unique on their properties plastic shopping mark on whether Marcus the company's website distributor given also the fact that the This super plastic clean and absolutely non-toxic also provided various certificates and test reports more details can study ihnem on the website link I leave in the description as you can see is white granules consisting of and polycaprolactone that does not heat melting point 65 degrees and it is biodegradable polycaprolactone
  • 00:30: widely used medicine and 3d printers from resins polycaprolactone and a starch manufactured biodegradable packages and now due general availability We product We can use life now this material use Modeling and modeling he prototyping very easy to household repairs and now show you how simple and nice work with this plastic and go some visual examples and so hot water pour Granova Field Mouse in order to
  • 01:00: to admire was is flexible enough and it was convenient to him work water temperature should fall below 65 degrees I usually I pour boiling kettle so such as a bowl water cools fast enough If I work with plastic will be a lot the hot water should be will constantly add this event support predetermined temperature better example would be at the plate as soon as plastic will transparent it means that he heat up needed the temperature at heating of the Koran and the field possible with changing each other and
  • 01:30: they are easy to get hold of water using good Cooney it sticks in my I want to plug emphasize another unique property plastic is that it do not burn your hands like it is very low thermal conductivity but you need to watch out for drops falling hands in hot spots This cry over state and plastic You can be given any difficult to do detail from Rome to do something Polymorph you very pleasant to the touch and the most important thing is not sticks to the hands and leaves dirt gradually cooling down
  • 02:01: polymorph becomes but tougher continue adjust the shape products can be enough extended after cooling Polymorph have become similar to normal space white he easily cut and drilled without crumble and breaks down the most important that this Dress is not fragile at it is enough durable and hard And now such just to show you this
  • 02:32: Action in plastic who have similar spacing the studio you must also We met this breakdown of important node his joint and because of the complexity of its repair was sometimes easier to buy a new chair now I will show you how to use the This plastic can be simple and quick one lifetime friend I fixed chair folded, previously heated dryer itself hinge for better adhesion polymorph wasp And so he quickly not cooled down further take
  • 03:02: heated polymorph and from obleplivaem them broken shaamer the process of molding the poly you can begin quietly chant her to become to harsh so I work it Preheat conventional hair dryer and continue to further his form after then cool it under the pressure of cold water and I got here such renovated hinge if you do not You want to plastic
  • 03:33: It was white then commercially available different color karasische and powder pigments that You need to add if melted Marcus and knead or just paint acrylic top paint just like that rapid credit let happen return the corpse I'm sure that life the ball does not he survive even all native hinges if You broke the handle someone Tool I it is not much screwdriver in this situation It will be very appropriate
  • 04:03: plastic crank want also note more one positive plastic property polymorph with this is that after curing it shrinks so it firmly rests on different surfaces like with at cooling pull them if you do not arranges tab Runner lightning or he just broke so u I then thanks poly capacity can create a new more convenient tongue and if dream and
  • 04:33: make little effort it can be turn spooler Keychain Runner I also demonstrated just a convenient tab broken handle does not transfer the bottles trouble super plastic solve this problem I made specially
  • 05:14: slotted tube knob to show how durable This resilient material and flexible its really hard break this the principle of fixing You can create any holders Lantern phones tablets DVR and etc. but a water bottle split mount not stand it You need to connect it is the same plastic very easy
  • 05:45: we are connected only heat joints you can warm up than anything is not important overheating polymorph hear a narrow strip otherwise it will lose their properties heating can be change the slope grip performance handle this plastic you can do this everything I have shown you the principle and now I Simulate another interesting gizmo all who I love fishing understand like this method can be used to create
  • 06:16: screw connection as I said earlier with this plastic cooling shrink and unscrewing with his studs we get screwed hole and you see that I have made
  • 07:23: just such a kind stand rod and if the polymorph taste Now add this here glowing it is possible to dye stock up at night various fishing fireflies on rod floats bells and bells and the most the main thing super plastic polymorph it is absolutely all without departing unnecessary and unsuccessful product you can warm up and molded again so Do not throw away anything I have everything
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