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The pies melting in the mouth from the cottage cheese test. The Fastest and Tasty dough for pies  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello today I cook wonderful cakes of cottage cheese Test it with apple get soft air cakes lush melt in mouth also part of the recipe You can look in description below the video Put the bowl 250 grams of cottage cheese break two eggs eggs cheese grind [music] add 1 tablespoon a spoonful of sugar
  • 00:30: dark corner 3 table sculpture sour cream Two tablespoons vegetable oil half a teaspoon soda to extinguish and the percentage cube all good mix [music] water start button ok here can go to the lower than for
  • 01:00: it all depends cottage cheese and sour cream add the well until get soft I want to add the dough that cottage cheese and sour cream must be thick if the road here Wet much you required when kneading More the torments of hell affect As a test it It is not so nezhnenko air the dough is ready, you can immediately begin to do cakes but first prepare the filling apple peel and Grate add sugar to
  • 01:30: taste the dough is divided into equal pieces obtained about 16 17 pieces make of resulting cake slices on every cake we put approximately 1 tablespoon spoon apple filling forming pie [music]
  • 02:00: pies laid seam down [music] a heated pan pour vegetable oil and Put the buckle [music] fry up golden brown and how carotene such cakes is possible drink blood because test next Day becomes even softer and cakes can be
  • 02:30: There are even measures warming subscribe to my write channel comments and see my other I wish you a video Bon Appetit and good on the wall