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Camomile in square to Crochet a Flower (a pattern #104)

Camomile in square to Crochet a Flower (a pattern #104)  See details »

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  • 00:00: for a long time I found here this interesting camomile in the square and Of course once I had an idea how to bring knitting baby show such then of course the beauty want everyone here chamomile is wash away all of the two series and then is tied
  • 00:32: let's square Today we associate I hooked together deuce cotton thread 5 recruit air loops 1 2 3 4 May closable in a circle and knit 1 2 3 4 Air loops in a circle column sc without provyazyvayu
  • 01:04: 1 2 3 4 April closable in a circle that's so see four air loop, we provyazyvaem with you 88 just such petals future here 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8 Knit and start
  • 01:38: Our knit flower take the white strings Now we take the white strings secured provyazyvaem 3 Air loop 1 2 3 column two nakida the center stitches yellow one
  • 02:08: column 1 2 2 column February 1 3 column 3 column we provyazyvaem with you and Air loop 1 2 3 Now, without a column and knit sc here here here loop knit air
  • 02:38: and then only be strengthened in here that there are still between museums We loop between Now petals knit 1 2 3 I'm so uncomplicated way January 2 provyazyvaem 8 petals column 3 is obtained with two sc apa
  • 03:09: until two or three times on three possible connective column of air loop and unfasten here here so here way you knit 8 I petals owl a 3 column with two 3 air nakida as the end of the loop our flower air loop between
  • 03:40: they do not forget then be strengthened most beginning of the first lepestochek all white thread we do not Need we choose them certainly take a thread green and We start to do harness our chamomile take anywhere Here we remember Air loop was
  • 04:11: Now here is fixed and air knit 5 loops 1 2 1 2 3 4 5 5 5 here 90 hand over here but I loop was doing column without nakida 1 2 3 4 5345 strengthened aircraft seat 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 May
  • 04:49: we give 8 1 2 4 5 8 petals and 8 Air chicks like time for the square ideally 12345 12345 times we are 1 reach the fastening
  • 05:20: 12 and May 4 fasten everything He, too, that look we get here we have this it turns out the beauty all cool here starting to knit our square and here But in the first arches air knit 123 column one sc post with
  • 05:50: one nakida 3 Air loop 1 2 3 three column that there we are vyvyazyvayut angle our square February 3 we stitches We do not make the transition as immediately knit column 3 one nakida 1 2 3 the there were binding as if by
  • 06:20: denser our square one group linked go to the next arochki of air loops and knit again square 1 2 3 3 1 2 3 Air such horror 123 Here we go again, and transitions I did not make the air
  • 06:50: loops do and immediately knit 3 column one sc ie we you go little corner of the alternation first, then knit just 3 column then little corner again three columns 3 little corner of the column to them manner to dovyazyvaem end if we just Aki goes Area 2 3 1 2 3 Air loop to form
  • 07:20: corner three column 1 2 3 here I 1 2 3 we have goes Area you 12 33 air
  • 07:51: one two Three here is knit dovyazyvaem Area 123 our last group for 23 connect with the first column and look pass connectors here such columns here's our corner Now that is another motive
  • 08:23: It is not connected to the end you know he's a more for to further because not you knit some model we will contact you to knit more children baby barrel here is We are knit 1 2 3 in this Area we were binding again Area's three 1 2 3 air loop again three columns one tied area and we stitches
  • 08:57: We do not do well knit also in those where the arches we have between knit columns also with three columns one sc in following arochki again 123 white thread we of course take effect here It happened two groups we on now
  • 09:27: again Area We link the two one three one two three Air loop 123 this little corner turned children now we have between columns space and He will strengthen and provyazyvaem 3 column one
  • 09:58: sc and here again between the posts We find a place and knit 1 2 3 2 groups provyazat then we have to queue area 123 123 here in the same place
  • 10:29: not puncture provyazyvaem three column with one nakida here see here such water we get daisy in the square dovyazyvaem this area and this one is our daisy ready nice view