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  • 00:00: good afternoon mine dear friends I will be today cook very what do I need for this need me for this it is necessary naturally a hen needs to be mean we buy chicken or home who can buy in the market country chicken if you are such there is no possibility live in a large city means then you must buy organic chicken
  • 00:30: or in organic store or special departments that is, the hen should to be very good for broth means so am I. was used in chicken nepal i also used a heart and neck, that is ventricle all that I applied crusts Also this is all broth I will use this way homemade noodles you need I have there with me homemade noodles cooking it today prepared I will give you a reference
  • 01:00: you can make yourself such noodles as you They used to do it but I I'll give you a link and it is my recipe homemade noodles so also we need means and carrots parsnip root bay leaf for roasting we need an onion and carrot carrot quite little for I still want to roast add if you cook soup noodles dietary and 2 for sick person no roast you
  • 01:30: do not need soup you just laying all raw vegetables there and prepare before readiness to potato greens also through the stalk I was sitting in a big room I will not cut it finely toast that when broth I will cook I just delete it from there means oil olive and dinning a spoonful of melted butter together I combine for for the heat glasses of salt from I still add spices black a little pepper
  • 02:01: and dry basil all that 's all I need it is necessary to to cook soup noodles home so here we have these saws and we will lay down all our place Do not cover the jump give opportunities boil the meat so that we need to collect foam so our meat begins boil over here in this the moment we must you can not remove foam enable so that very quickly and very much boiled
  • 02:32: because the foam immediately turns into flakes then your broth will not look very tasty because that these flakes will be swim broth now minutes through two again we will assemble foam and then we have broth will be pure I these details I say for those especially it concerns young people who only begins its independent life and it's just not will help both correctly to cook broth for experienced hostesses it certainly is not
  • 03:03: no secret and this is the usual method of we cook each day and their everyday food is here for the young hostesses for young people people this advice will just help so we collect again The more foam you have gather the cleaner and more transparent broth in noodles at home you now we can omit one a large onion with bulbs we add
  • 03:35: two small cuttings celery and can leave us at our soup so that it boils over low heat almost to readiness add meat a tablespoon melted butter and add literally floor of the dining room spoon add a tiny bit olive oil now we are slightly fry our carrot along with onions in a saucepan with
  • 04:05: we are broth now we add potatoes carrot c lanku I a little bit like this probably enough add white parsnip root for aroma and laurel leaf bring to a boil and us our broth will be boil until potatoes will be almost ready potatoes already almost ready now we are in this The moment we need
  • 04:35: remove hence our bulb and remove the celery cuttings of which we here laid homemade noodles amount of noodles add to taste what do you want get bitches too add here fried carrots with onion it is not it is necessary but this very tasty when you add fried in melted butter c salt taste
  • 05:06: dry basil black sharp pepper enter to boil as only our broth we'll boil it right away should be disabled if you are right away serve and soup to the table you can immediately add greens when turn off if you will be sustain a soup some time on a plate there half an hour often better than greens add and add directly in each plate all our soup is ready I boiled it all up disable at all with us
  • 05:36: thin therefore she already practically ready if we are still now it's standing five minutes in our broth she will generally ready completely everything on it I say goodbye to you all the best if my recipe was you are useful to put husky subscribe to my channel share with friends especially young people with young people all the best to you new meetings and wait for new ones recipes