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  • 00:08: and she Oleg expensive Subscribers today I I show you how cook borax lagman first we zamarinuem meat we We took flesh beef chop it roughly But on such pieces do not thick and
  • 00:30: small these are the pieces sliced meat such pieces are seams What's next take salt asuras shall pepper
  • 01:09: add starch half egg
  • 01:31: one and a half tablespoons tablespoons of sauce and salt We talk a little bit of water all this will mix Why pickle meat turns out very gentle Now we remove the hour hour you have it will stand up meat it is not very sweet
  • 02:00: you have to be for a long time cook for a long time to roast meat literally melts mouth stuck to 100 times colleagues pan send roasts our meat, our meat well marinated Now we good fry so we took our seeking Beijing cabbage cut here such squares and cut and Bulgarian pepper finely chop and garlic
  • 02:32: celery Struchkova We took so on the face little do we have here Tuchkova beans semicircles chopped onion tomatoes and diced seasoning we also have bitter hot pepper we took one-third to participate It happened was spicy, you can take mate love can be witty and put a whole but if there is a home young children the quite enough 3 or in general can
  • 03:01: impose our meat well roasted meat a little salt the add a spoonful of tomato paste our well
  • 03:34: tomatoes a little more fry napa cabbage chilli Now pour here bell pepper
  • 04:05: stir add capsicum celery ochkovuju beans interfere fry a little more just a couple of minutes all while we do it
  • 04:30: over high heat, we slightly roasted Now dobegut we finish off here about 300 milliliters of boiling water black pepper powder ginger, and at the end
  • 05:05: add seasoning executioner some more salt the taste in cooking process You can taste like you like to this dish in this salt it should be good feeling must be salted insufficiently not to
  • 05:30: Mars is not all Stir and now add garlic finely chopped Reduce heat slightly and cover with a lid and simmer even minutes May 10 maybe that's because in Basically our meal
  • 06:00: so be ready after we Add the garlic and here specifically spotted by time somewhere about 12 minutes, we still over medium heat and or there could be All our flagship ready remains only serve our guru Lagman ready Now this has turned beautiful and not less than delicious pleasant appetite
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