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  • 00:00: sewing process creative and he is not creative only in the choice of model tissue but also in the plan selection technologies sometimes execution most like simple operations can be more simplify using those adaptations are available to your car and we Today we again talk about foot implementation hiding seam when filing visa it is already familiar to you foot I showed both with this foot bottom hemming
  • 00:30: Products Flush seam I showed how to perform in line bed or in the weld groove and how to lay at With this foot line close to the seam is used frequently at Quilt in handwriting or let when sewing skirt to the belt very hard to build line in the channel was or vice versa on the line When sewing the belt and do not now we We use the same foot with SEWING
  • 01:00: joint tissue e.g. it's possible use of 7 or in any other thick materials except when the line that she would joining materials it will also lay decorative stitch if you have a simple the car then it could be zigZag if you have at least several decorative stitches it can already be stitching such as for overcasting but as Claw is we
  • 01:30: partition and it baffle us extended to corner of the shawls line should be such to acicula jumps the I have chosen a partition Here's one such successful line it can be used as a flat seam example could choose jersey night could be here this and could choose select zigzag but not three stitches and because that the needle can stumble upon one partition choose a word to such line at which
  • 02:00: needle is jump over but a partition Butt fact does not Download why I actually I warn because here say when Run here you are the needle will go and the middle part so still need to choose those where needle goes as zigzags in the longitudinal transverse plane let's see what as comfortable use it This foot look When I sew, I I will spend here it's like a parenthesis
  • 02:30: time from between the layers and I do not need to be ensure that seam evenly settled because what's this she and brackets will provide uniform location sludge If you sew fleece or jersey loosen foot pressure the cloth and let's see
  • 03:09: what we have Here he laid on the seam evenly qualitatively