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Polish elastic band spokes, video | Knitting rib

Polish elastic band spokes, video | Knitting rib  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: Polish gum spoke quite embossed rubber band double-sided to link this gum need to dial the number of loops a multiple of 4 plus 2 loops up repeating all two rows, and so knit we scored the first row with edge loops remove an edge loop We do start knitting 1 loop knit
  • 00:30: purl etc. 3 knit facial 1 the front face 2 and 3 1 Wrong again 3 1, the front face 2 and a third face repeat rapport of one wrong and loop 3 facial
  • 01:00: loops to edge loop now I purl knit loop classical such a way I have a way with other hand, all loop will be turned to one side of the second I knit a number of grandmother's way to show again how to knit this pattern already when the loop turned in different side of our last report 1 Wrong 3
  • 01:30: facial and bead an edge loop the loop always provyazyvaem 2 wrong number turn work edge loop and start shooting knitting a first loop provyazyvaem front then we begin to knit we're apart knitting 1
  • 02:00: Wrong 3 facial 1 March 2 1 Wrong again 3 facial 1 2 3 repeat rapport of and one purl 3 facial loops to last 4 loops row Now I purl knit loop grandmother's way
  • 02:31: you any way loop knit on pattern is not affected but it affects both posted this loop you saw in next row completed 4 loops in we have 1 Wrong 2 face and an edge provyazyvaem purl ready Now for the second row pattern repeat c 1 2
  • 03:01: years and as I was knitting pattern grandmother way look like located loop purl us located right wall forward, we Beginners knitting an edge removed 1 Wrong 3 facial at We must have right side forward provyazyvayu front but face us knit right back wall that is we already have the front pass off right
  • 03:31: 3 front wall again we Wrong loop right wall ie forward the front face wall 1 Wrong 3 again for facial the front of the rear again the front a wall that is not forget visa always for the right wall if you knit grandmother's way If you have a classic all right wall will always be in front
  • 04:01: further, repeat 1 to 2 years their height so we get way Polish gum thank you very much to you had a school Our knitting yarn