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  • 00:00: lesson for measurements to take your measurements and we need lace or thin gum where we tie Anatoly usual with new customers to give gum knit own way as it is more accurate get up from the figure of Right so will easier to work right hand If you are right handed first measurement
  • 00:31: this neck circumference let us agree that all labels we write notebook, or you can compose a small table in the which we can identify all designation and Ninka and burn them full and Then you need crayons share calculation on patterns opel omega neck circumference measured in full the amount
  • 01:01: and for construction bisect measured at Family on a call and converges at the rear jugular depression usually measuring tape Watch more convenient lower scale 42 and record measurements USA
  • 01:32: neck circumference 42 then forged to half calculation The following measures it chest circumference first measured first with raised hands on blades then horizontally hands down and centimeter closed
  • 02:03: of mammary gland 114 Do not be afraid to take half since Who is your more precisely 1 circle chest 114 all circle divided half as long It is next mark chest circumference 2 measured on the back
  • 02:33: on blade and in front of empty fell inferior parts of the breast required condition not pull measuring tape yuki unnecessarily weaken This yardstick is more convenient are holding between breast is 121 centimeter 2 the angle a write
  • 03:03: the second circle 121 full breasts the amount and for the separate circle hit The following measures it waist circumference waist circumference measured gone PKU useful not horizontally I enclose the finger and unnecessarily weaken
  • 03:34: tape 111 write in full and half the amount indicated three circle 101 and divide the waist in two next century thigh circumference thigh circumference It measured about 20-22 centimeters down from the waist to the hips while this height
  • 04:06: we can measure measured thigh circumference horizontal I capture all protruding parts buttocks and protruding hip measurement First measured not tight I enclose finger 133 and a second measurement for some models
  • 04:36: dresses skirts measured by considering abdomen without lifting measuring tape up and measure horizontally enclosing nickname or handle at stomach level record two measurements as some
  • 05:06: our models It requires measurement excluding the abdomen especially it concerns 139 and 133 Polo hip circumference measurement 133 taking into account the stomach 139 then these measurements divide in half to calculation badly The following label it measures the length
  • 05:37: shoulder measured visually Top of Section shoulder It is the beginning of tea and joint of the neck and shoulder end of this arm jointed arms may for convenience put a thin pencil or centimeter, and as the
  • 06:07: put this way as begins tape measure bend of It will onal yardstick 14 recorded as abbreviated length of the depot shoulder 14 cm lengthen do not share The following measurement is circle hand arm circumference measured at the beginning in
  • 06:39: elated hand position capturing most wide berth hands measured and recorded in full 38 different sleep 38 especially It is recorded as 38 and 5 to calculate knitted sleeves
  • 07:09: can be measured Merck & then divided in half for classic sleeves sockeye arm circumference not divided The following measures it General who have wine whom measured from the end shoulder can be felt bone at slightly bent arm than from elbow
  • 07:40: install measuring tape finally shoulder through the elbow Keep the hand and finish before the Brush 61 cm It is written as d Sleeve 61 length centimeter Next gently measured on the back
  • 08:10: this label is the length back to the waist measured from seventh cervical vertebra in the neck if not always it is possible to immediately notice, ask customer tilt first head slightly j and then set tape measures and again raise its head right in front of the rented bushel figures
  • 08:42: It must be level it in the usual three position is measured to lead Natalia cord desirable have a very thin that the thread exactly 42 centimeters DST is recorded as back waist length 42 centimeter next measure
  • 09:12: is the length of the product Length of the house shirts will be plus 20 centimeters at the waist so the length of the article google for construction can be used as a measurement plus 20 dst we obtain 60 242 2062 but the length of the meter dress long tunics jacket is measured very down to Natalia to the desired length
  • 09:44: client and so we We measure the length of the dress just below the knee We measure the length of the dress and recording in full size shaft wine dresses or write Length is 70 centimeters measured from the waist down next sockeye This control measure measured on the back and
  • 10:16: It called width back is measured by blades of 1 junction hatches chair things up joint second Kees body written in full and half size denoted with Shae recorded in full
  • 10:46: the amount 45 and shares for check fascinated by the 2 measurement is measured by before the next measurement for checking trial called 1 chest width measured over the front from the junction of the first hands with frightening to joint 2 rubles from the body of breast red salmon measured and then full written
  • 11:17: size and half to find half size on tape measures and we write 41 and divide in half we get 25 divided I need it for later calculator so the next measurement The following soft
  • 11:48: used for control patterns java and measurement control the position of the shoulder PCA seam is measured full-time to Natalia from the middle of the back through the shoulder across the chest and right write down 102 full bushel PCA 102
  • 12:20: following this measure germ height height back February 1 is the height of rca sprout This backrest height it is measured to the middle of the shoulder seam 49 centimeters
  • 12:50: visually dividing jane neck ears recorded in half 49 the following measurements height shelves for convenience, you can calculated using the formula Dad minus minus you can calculate later, and 1 meter the height of the breast can
  • 13:20: measure two means any one time measuring measuring tape and finding the point as just beginning to tape measure bend of projecting part breast 83 and write in g83 and to find in it breast height of we this tag subtract 83
  • 13:50: bushel germ height you get to 49 and nick the height of the breast as well as it can be measured separately then setting measuring tape at the beginning of the shoulder and putting measuring tape it is necessary to grind through projecting part breast and find inflection point they centimeters and 34 and
  • 14:21: record or calculate 83 minus up measurement in and we get 34 another, another action to to monitor the patterns It called shoulder bevel here we can track
  • 14:51: stoop or peregibistyh figures measured from middle of the back of the Natalie lace over his shoulder through end chalice shoulder group to the center recorded in full the amount ATP shoulder bevel bevel sp shoulder 103
  • 15:22: and can immediately measure the shoulder bevel back dividing visual width shoulder half and thereby find the position shoulder seam on end of the arm 52 centimeters recorded Bevel shoulder ATP back
  • 15:53: 52 measured for shelves Bevel shoulder to shelves pp can be found at formula with n minus since that's all labels that we needed for building sheath dress