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  • 00:00: Hello everyone I am glad welcome you to your kitchen today I'll cook vegetables sauce in the oven and German is It called genzyrov flow it frames sauces and I will add another potatoes here So I cleaned potatoes cut it natural and necessary boil a little vegetables I Frozen here
  • 00:31: I Cauliflower broccoli and carrots I I will add potatoes and tomatoes can add zucchini can be add pepper sweet All that you have you can even add eggplant and potatoes you need to boil up semireadiness empty pot you can do it pan 30 grams I butter add a little more
  • 01:04: vegetable to butter does not tablespoon if like onions, you can cut one onion here I do not fry Onion is now here in melted butter one tablespoon meal I do not like that It was too well to too thick I love the sauce to the vegetables were then but
  • 01:36: liquid sauce and to stir It was a beautiful color Give a minute simmer all you can here I add milk creamed somewhere in 100 milliliters I have here a floor jar to the cashier metro Kolodny's when the cream allied need add 500 milliliters broth
  • 02:06: Broth take any What you have my chicken these brothers swine 8 I have a fight and now all is to stir no lumps and bring to a boil I salted broth therefore it is necessary try if salt and a little then add because vegetables potatoes I have nothing so boil I add here
  • 02:36: I said that I would still add tomatoes so here I I add a teaspoon teaspoon paprika is groove and I have it acute the product does not add All that you have Is this it basil possible dill parsley add and black here I have a mixture of easy to disconnect and new boils because that still and this is how
  • 03:08: tiles and cut off add sour cream Now I have it 24 fat percentage somewhere one or two tablespoons mix and sauce a ready sauce You can be prepared by the game
  • 03:38: I will do more in fish necessarily I'll show you how it do oven need include a 180 form grease with butter This oil can be do brush even if we keep up form to see that nothing to it not stick it, we do not casserole and even some vegetables can cook
  • 04:10: at the top of the plate all combine to fill sauce 5-7 minutes greased stew form here down potatoes can be naturally stir down I send potatoes She is almost ready want to add
  • 04:45: garlic I do not add so Now on top of the vegetables and on top of tomatoes pour it all the sun and in the oven twenty minutes if the oven warmed minutes
  • 05:15: twenty and everything is ready but I said that I had to Vegetables will fish I fish the cod is fillet of cod I have it frozen I held you on a few seconds microwave to cut and now cut into pieces pour oil many
  • 05:47: it is not necessary, and fish should be salt although I'm going to do yet but not salty sauce fish sauce is not tasty already can not do because vegetables sauce, the fish can be fry and add to vegetables but I do not I like to do to vegetables were separate fish was
  • 06:17: and now the body of the photo Girls channel advised not to dip each fish take flour fold it add the flour in the bag and shake off today worth a try but naturally clean hands so no need to sully cup but for this fish I think half a spoon flour will be enough
  • 06:50: and since I fish not salty, I still add flour juice committing and now all the fish relaying only to him it is not stuck 1 market everything well actually need say that when
  • 07:23: each watered flour probably better here whole flour soaked it that will come another record probably if such here to do as the style it fanning each fish and that we need a little bit fry the truth so I dog her He turned strongly
  • 07:53: fry not necessary It's enough substitute sides fruit and prepare butter sauce not necessarily take creamy but we cream sauce I make cream therefore I take Butter can be take to raise oil and one small bulb onions should be
  • 08:24: fry up gold until the onion is fried I added shift the fish shape of the lips should good fry then we are all through sieve connector for a moment and add 200 milliliters of cream and add 100 milliliters of milk
  • 08:54: You can take milk but then completely You need to add or starch or flour but to all of this with body and the sauce needed add salt and pepper great start if you love it at if the onions go then add a lot of fried onions Tito transparency
  • 09:25: pour cream or milk if milk means add flour or starch for that for Husin thicken little it all pour on the fish and Spirits can not be around boil and tile unplug and pour it is all the fish we fanned I must say in flour if you can
  • 09:55: call so the sauce thickens as I said in oven fire microwave on top Now strew cheese that was beautiful. Cheese is also optional You can not add I put it in the oven for 10 minutes as the well vegetables ready
  • 10:25: my dinner ready cheese not much to roast need and that's quite very little can not show because hot or can here and so stand here a wee bit podzolotilsya this quite differently then will generations we are all ready If you are ready
  • 10:55: your vegetables will but I Do not likely something will mounted to each It will be possible put refrigerator then warm and close I make jerk cheese stretches Dad's all this if someone looks I liked this
  • 11:26: can recipe repeat and cook with pleasure I landmarks on health I wish you all a pleasant appetite and see you soon meeting in my kitchen all while