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  • 00:00: [music] today I will prepare samsa home To begin, we will do dough for me to test We need 200 milliliters of water at room temperature 600 grams flour one egg and one tablespoon of salt and Now I will kneading the dough from these ingredients beginning as always Sift the flour needed
  • 00:31: I do it through conventional strainer way here we flour Russian or take an egg chicken We divide it into take 200 milliliters water dining room table
  • 01:02: Well spoon without slides All this is enough and will knead the dough I first spoon Of course then I will hands the dough should get cool kneading it should be is approximately 10-15 minutes long knead wrong with a man of the mind Komi
  • 01:35: [applause] Well, I was kneading whole five minutes the batter's It is turned Well now cool it shall lay down bag or in the food film zamatyvat
  • 02:05: I should be more comfortable in bag the way I have food film you follow like in bag and why I put away in the fridge for one hour until the dough I have to lie refrigerator I Peel the onions onions you can take to taste the greater the bow better small so I Many would if largest possible two or three large onions and everything will be okay took kilogram minced business minced chicken
  • 02:36: somehow to me more like pepper salt any spices Here are my favorite Caucasian herbs they delicious smell Well, now I will make the stuffing onions should be cut into cubes but can course and semicircles now I will mixed with minced onions need to be salt to taste
  • 03:10: shall pepper add [music] weed any seasoning You can add to To page was still juicier always necessary add a little milk We knead check
  • 03:47: to whom such a course as you like, you can you can put Spice up the only thing that sharpness can still be add this samsa if you add the red hot peppers but it is for those who I love sharp little It may be added I know Mary remained in general, that all is now
  • 04:31: we have to wait until the dough stands up somewhere else for half an hour and I will show you how to do further samsa I ask me an hour I took out the dough the refrigerator here it is a little it is necessary to sprinkle flour and will roll out in
  • 05:02: seam straight full here it is all a test rolled into one big eyes about thickness that was in three millimeters [music] Now this I
  • 05:33: big get layer and then just three people are not like us and need I am doing what I am taking oil butter Now I put it in microwave and me you just need to Now melt the butter I melted because
  • 06:03: life first carp silicone brush and will lubricate all you need to layer well lubricated and then oil [music] that's all oiled even a little bit He boasted Now We need all our dough layer twist in
  • 06:34: roll [music] the tighter will be the better [music] [music]
  • 07:07: Here is such a I get long roll it can be a little bit so here is my horse priporoshit more a Here is such a long Now I roll
  • 07:39: it is necessary to twist snail [music] carefully here here such here I ulitochka turned again we will repeat procedure
  • 08:09: I take a bag or and plastic wrap you can go bag plump I think again I put in the fridge one hour's passed I have an hour, I'll get our template for
  • 08:42: male snail put in the pan because that's her cut that the table does not spoil it estimated well and We will cut it on portioned pieces then our zagotovochku can in general here
  • 09:12: Such are the pieces each piece we add up like this That presses then we will roll out here is that all our clothes [music]
  • 09:45: And so until end our GIFCA Now each piece I will roll on bit of cake flour sprinkled here You do not need to have on the table because the dough butter am here it is well i do not want breaks to roll cakes to postpone
  • 10:22: stuffing and folding triangle Here is such a me
  • 11:12: beautiful male It turned all fall down in the pan with followed Do buns [music] [music]
  • 11:44: [music] the second triangle
  • 12:17: nice to get [music] [music]
  • 12:59: Now when I blinded triangles males I need a break egg cup take sesame seeds everywhere he sold in stores [music] in general, that somewhere in the average of two tea
  • 13:31: spoons whisk well fork and will grease samsa's it all holes that here they were on top for all smeared with egg and juice will not leave oven I had It is heated at 180 degrees in the oven, we We will be put on the 40
  • 14:05: minutes home Saens she certainly did not beats me out trays because I I enter here a lot of meat a lot of onions it is possible not only to potatoes with meat can be mushrooms can pumpkin the fact that there are houses in the fridge put the dough It is very easy But
  • 14:36: really glad for a long time but it's worth getting highly crispy top inside gentle puff such samsa all oiled and tidy in heated oven I took 40 minutes
  • 15:10: He pulled out of samsa Oven's a she I got beautiful course a little out there somewhere juice drip but that's because I much much put now I'm filling it all meals and shifted We will eat here get with me 15 points One way I have to service just and I pulled very happy very tasty juicy all can wait when we
  • 15:40: Now we put the tea and we will enjoy very tasty myself Choi she really get a very delicious because home because Fresh from the fact that there are a lot of onions she was very I still juicy was minced and more I kept it all tomorrow repeat Make a second portion try to make that is why I am one hundred recipe percent know that you get it
  • 16:10: all pleasant appetite