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  • 00:00: Hello Dear viewers and our subscribers channel my name Igor I am an expert in plants today will tell you about how correctly plan your land rather fundamental rules you should at consider this general garden or vegetable garden These are different things but it happens historically our gardeners combine it all on one portion of the garden and garden and decorative Plants put on not
  • 00:30: so many of us have land here's how to do so to do all this rational on its site can of course refer to landscape designer can take advantage of prepared some typical schemes disposition of plants many natural They prefer to do it yourself with own way Now there are a few rule the first rule try culture spread to create some isolated groups let's say the apple plant separately currants separately gooseberry separately what is done
  • 01:00: Well firstly because of they will be easier take care not at all will grow side by side secondly, they will well-pollinated because respectively related crops They will close Nastya third will not be Spread Diseases let's say if you plant with eggplant tomatoes and peppers kortofel they have one common diseases as fluorine and actually All these cultures simultaneously ill just as well with currants gooseberry in any the case can not be near put together and so spatial
  • 01:30: separation necessarily consider customized some features each preference culture well, let's say be sure to need acidic soil stone say cultures if you are there cherry love to grow in the high places where good blown by wind some plants like shady spots even with the light necessary be very careful The fact that both typically the majority of plants love the light so that the light shone all day on them so sunny large trees never put in the center of your site or with its southern
  • 02:01: sides otherwise the shadow of them when they grow great will close the large part of your territory if you plan to create vegetable beds necessarily place them a north South then the sun passing from east to west It will be more or less uniformly illuminate on all sides but if you vegetable beds will be located at slope of the place it is not along the slope place them necessarily across slope to at watering during rain snow arrives topsoil
  • 02:31: Land is not washed I stayed here on these here is how the terraces the following factor necessarily check what you have physical and chemical the soil on area and he can be incidentally that is uneven in one place more acidic soil to say another more alkaline on different plants it differently we react strictly speaking filmed video on how determine the soil acidity necessarily see you all there described in detail very often we accrue to sites on which are already growing
  • 03:01: some trees are well birch pine cedar eg larch and when they are small really looks very beautiful and picturesque but keep in mind they Here grow birch he grew very a large number of Green leaf means respectively your area will great amount Shadows is not enough and and the root system surface and distributed by around the tree on up to 30 m generally water it will suck water pump all other plants that will grow in the area so say 30 meters
  • 03:32: so be with this neat but for example pine or larch can not it is possible to file away leave the matter is that these plants just root care system deep enough while in the crown general and openwork any harm surrounding plants they will not bring you can try create on your area such small micro landscape and bring some rough rough stones somehow they beautifully asymmetrically importantly arrange the space between them to fill the earth
  • 04:02: and landed there any not very compact big unpretentious plant it can be coniferous it can be some types of flowers phlox bells something is not require special care it can be small decorative shrubs such as These are micro create landscapes some zest to your garden It makes it not so monotonous course very good at open spaces looks lawn before sowing lawn take to the surface must be carefully properly align
  • 04:32: then dig a pit landing and put some beautiful shrubs or they decorative leaves or they must be must be very beautiful flowering and only after that actually been sown let the grass lawn grass on a background of a lawn just wonderful look and peonies Rose dahlia kakieto color with variegated leaves barberries well Of course hydrangeas seating area is very important component
  • 05:02: if any portion you live in the northern areas recreation area I recommend you to do in that place where it will be good sunlit why because after rains if it is in the shadow of it It will be a long time to dry and there will generally be cheese and uncomfortable but the southern regions where the sun scorches enough much there just Conversely better placed in shady places and midday heat so say relax all ideally better have two zones orbit in the first half of the day relax in one zone where baubles
  • 05:32: after lunch pass each somewhere already here tenochek so the best and how to make position the bench on his site well firstly positioning desirable bench near some a flower bed or course if there is a body of water at This opinion when your you sit on the bench in any case not It should rest on some even from the wall plant wall must be some sort necessarily but the prospect of back you Conversely, it is desirable just put a wall shrubs which
  • 06:02: decorative say barberry and the same chubushnik and vigilla that's the feeling for the wall give you back confidence and peace Now resting on this bench you really rest sell mean here these shrubs which have behind you they should be let's say so no fruit-bearing so as not to fall from them berries let's say Is mulberry chokeberry not very suitable because you can just dirty from that yes there is chubushnik am you have to be careful because chubushnik loves
  • 06:32: and to sit under bush from which to You will drip the selection you're not very nice way to say this, these decorative wall behind or on the sides can do in principle of some growing climbing plants bury a couple pillars pull wire rope some and they run honeysuckle girlish grapes hop in the end well, of course the most the best option is climbing rose is It will be beautiful and very comfortable and well finally the distance
  • 07:02: between plants in a well orchard there It is the golden rule the trees are not should touch should quietly between them to pass people prize as this decorative It applies in the same the very least so landing any trees or fruit or decorative give the recognizable of the size of the tree It will have as an adult status when it rise to their maximum size often happens that are thrown a little tree brand not taking into account the perhaps flowerbeds and here it mixborders
  • 07:32: an exception the more there plants than they are thick planted in the Basically the best and well conclusion of course I would you advise think in advance the style of your garden more on the layout step The fact that the style Well is roughly two words which may be a regular style the so-called where you clear geometric shapes where you have a clear business track cropped hedges or curbs some and It can be a natural natural style how to plant it
  • 08:02: live without haircuts as if on their Statement by themselves Of course in reality under your very sensitive on a thief and so today I you named some rules that are worth consider when planning their area course most begins with the construction of the house business buildings in general this is correct but the Still do not forget and about the plot but I Today you say goodbye watch our videos plots subscribe to our video channel on youtube and I wish you to take correct solution