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Irish lace knitting Lessons hook of the Irish lace. 13yur-3yach seamless sleeve  See details »

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  • 00:00: swoop couple and provyazyvaem 1 2 sc sc turn so for us to be comfortable Now spoon picks for element strings March 2 I pull bar without sc provyazyvaem
  • 00:31: at first and provyazyvaem column with sc ie last sc here one two three air loop and at us again with you arches so rounded way eh cells so on I'm a little bit again turn we do sc
  • 01:11: picks for element for strings on February 3 again provyazyvayu column one sc then knit 3 aerial loops place with crepe fix bulavochkami do 1 sc and picks
  • 01:43: Now here it is, I keep distance between the previous column here That is because and that make now that is, as I have I said try to do away small that we arochki cells were almost one
  • 02:13: size more or less means Now I have to's here to grab I do not miss here here this passage that I do nakida we This is not the case, we do provyazyvaem connective coupling loop Giza I will fix provyazyvaem another
  • 02:43: coupling loop air loop remove here bulavochki another air loop and Now provyazyvayu column one nakida here we go again same language so we you continue the lesson knitting the sleeves here
  • 03:13: after we Now you knit mesh so we it tied completely by sleeve so I you show We stayed items that favor Now that the border poet halves sleeves and with this side too, we We do so now we have now we are here me some elements while knitting mesh still have
  • 03:45: pinned all bulavochki we are ie remove fully get rid of bulavochek such way that we we could pens bit to turn our the pattern with together with our mesh elements that is, I have here some some
  • 04:15: places so prihvachen I was knitting with inconspicuous elements and you do not must be rewound so that they and walked not save forms most patterns now we are a little bit our rolls a pattern here with this side of this hand items we like this little bends and bends like that rolls
  • 04:46: our the pattern before moment was leaving to have little this mesh was it is seen so we could see that further to continue much of what elements which further spread the there creating track so we do not I do like this rift and here I have
  • 05:16: Finite Element I we have laid We complement our empty space additional elements that we need put here We lay out the elements and fix all elements in addition to that they have with you if someone they already
  • 05:46: primotat were then it is remarkable that you could before lay associate put them in a mesh composition if someone they were not signs on to all elements now we We need to fix each element pin pins tablet ie we try fix here we look to our all went so
  • 06:16: We do not interfere, they each so here is another elements to fix the pattern now! Move to We start to record
  • 06:46: our items ie and we all and the mesh so that we maintained our pattern After you commit we continue to knit fishnet mesh up the moment where you have end your elements unless you yet again were not laid before the It has gradually then you are trying to post again like this turn to you
  • 07:16: have seen here this party not to knit someone with mesh Again, we all fix our spread and dovyazyvaem the remaining part sleeve completely mesh and then we are after you tied loose full of all by basting pins and pull out with you Now it's our
  • 07:46: so the pattern we continue knitting mesh