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  • 00:00: edging the edge off sewing today our subject matter is that we showed you Dress ready-made clothes sewing of such lacquer holes and showed you as sewn lace how to handle Lining as made vyvorotnoy seams and crumbled mass questions how Now turn over such I cut holes told that I seen on the Internet Dress for sale where just like that cut off and that's it ready but we certainly so we can not do we have it all very thin like Baptiste and give them
  • 00:30: Now Natasha you will like it It is to like less than you were questions when you You are dealing with embroidery see how we go then we are having a series of lace then we go series h are you sly silently slowly learning I want to remind you when you let's turn over armholes neck any concave you lines inside curly flirt or something else there do not know what you We need to cut on the bias at 45
  • 01:00: degrees we have already This took place when like that uterine Carry not even from the frills the transverse fabric any little batiste stretched little transverse and does not stretched scythe's absolutely and stretched share it here as it we do not need harvest here I am here now quite as Elastic still much to but stretched and a little bit elasticity must first be cut wider
  • 01:31: the width of our workpiece under our slips 4 centimeters course in life do not draw a pencil but now for the camera To help you understand like us render our striped array Draw in pencil on white to make it clear width strips 4 centimeters direction transverse severally I'll cash I told it It depends on saw that turning over
  • 02:01: see how Natasha narrows around half have 4 centimeter centimeter and centimeter away look inside focus on one hand she holds on the other hand hand to hold bulavochkami represent
  • 02:36: How many men with until his castle 8 how to make content vyvorotny seam as you get feedback diode pocket because turn over lace He is also the grandson of the children dress there shovchik Handle with care as the neck you You are able to actually remains only dress is left of Affairs from the theory to practice I am very glad that some of our I write subscribers already on the theory of writing practice as a house of God nicely half or slightly
  • 03:08: Pasha watch anything Now Natasha essence Well chewed in half So 1 of 1 millimetrik one side more than the other [music] [applause] yet there's so
  • 03:54: stronger need finally yet so alien frequency more thoroughly These pillows are no pillow made so just our stove ready to reveal our stove and try to These make our tails came here in the most-back
  • 04:24: Bending press them what I say that that's the our cut tails should fully enter us here now I want to fold explain that it is not except that such flair round big holes any sewing you sew similar method look [music] our cut
  • 04:56: the edge part of our here it's harvested stove absolutely any sewing you sew similar method cut pattern you will no longer worry as its processes can not bend jam someone pass nothing can not be What to do now you will know that
  • 05:26: do we have large holes so we I had our harvest The first is the basic cut a strip of 4 one centimeter will be less holes please slice 3 but the meaning does not changes here Natasha of the ironed and we turned the reinforced edge we will then contact you to wean Have you seen it alive we have one edge, as it were one millimeter more than the other's which is more slightly but the
  • 05:56: on millimetrik lower edge of this one Region's where more it is the wrong side of here hour will press them Now Natasha is I sound you chew you can see make smooth and without this millimeter just a girl girls already so fulfilled those they technology Of course, too started the same distances neatly
  • 06:37: small stitches tack and Region I glad that the with our video lessons people learn to do more modern sewing it is very nice and well the last operation in the very edge of one millimeter Natasha I do already last line very elegant and gets the job done and then when I have He showed Dress hole there were smaller holes
  • 07:07: and more than a little ch . you have to see for yourself Depending on the sewing the last operation of course tattoo you imagine our
  • 07:42: dress burka below it is here and so is now It looks good plus to such an edge provides an additional dimensional stability here it will not be hanging like a rag and It is here and so refer to the rich thank you Natasha just smile It was good with you we Paukštė Irina M. Natasha and if flexi