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That it is necessary for an embroidery tapes.  See details »

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  • 00:00: glad to see you on your channel today I will tell you what may be needed when will you start embroider above all to us need with you hoop on which you kill pull my case is this tense flax or this can be any canvas of any color How do you like white retail for is like that flower which you want embroider also to us will need of course scissors the usual ones will be needed here such here very much comfortable scissors and some call chiki-chiki they are very
  • 00:30: it is convenient to cut off strings and ribbons the ears so to us it will take until vanishing pen if you do not have anything scary you can take advantage ordinary simple in pencil we need line also to us need a needle with big eye with so big i I use these ordinary darning they are very convenient also will need I here use here such silk thread is very convenient embroider some
  • 01:00: and stems some small items lighter we need lighter also to us you need the usual simple sewing needle and thread with Thread Threads Garden will be selected in ribbon color as remove and ribbons we need a tape we need different colors all depends on what you want to embroider it can be like here in In this case 0 6 centimeters are 1 and 2
  • 01:30: centimeter tape may need 2 seconds half is very often a field of two half green from this 38 happens five centimeter tape lots of there are tapes transparent nylon them too convenient to use for different colors it all depends on your desire so that not be afraid to buy the necessary tools and embark on an embroidery with ribbons, see
  • 02:01: lessons on my channel ask questions in comments will I am glad to reply to you and to meeting on my channel all good-bye