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  • 00:00: he In this video, I I try to answer the most frequently Asked questions about home and mastics especially with her with any difficulties accounts face and how overcome these
  • 00:30: difficulties sometimes it happens that when mixing very much gets into starch paste contained in powdered sugar or accidentally exceed dose of powdered sugar with This starch and mastic is very bad kneaded in mind its dryness how have arisen here this problem is very
  • 01:00: just dry mastic enough mark wet hands as you You see I collect part of the mastic in the arm lightly pressed as possible and then Wet your hands I I begin to knead mastic dry crumbs during warm-up if required can once again Wet your hands with word dry knead mastic should be to As long as it does not is soft elastic that is not reach that mildness that I need you in any case
  • 01:30: dispose of mastic if you suddenly her desiccate it at any time you can reanimate as you can see I have becomes quite elastic mastic where can I work if you suddenly a little kneaded paste up sticky state of the during operation a powder additionally cornstarch as you can see Mastic has been very
  • 02:00: very flexible supple here and sliced fragments, and they perfectly amenable to work as a ball stack, and so with the other tools so that mastic is dry It is not a problem domestic sugar
  • 02:35: mastic is a mainly sugar so how any other sugar She has a habit cake It should also be take into consideration the fact fact that it contains gelatin and honey or invert syrup here I solid piece which pulled out of the refrigerator for to soften it I put it in a package and the bag I stacked in microwave for few seconds be very careful not to paste it to overheat very fast both heats and You see, and less than 10 seconds softened and mastic
  • 03:06: left only her finally knead that she was silky elastic and after that it can work like that It looks to slice warm-up and that's how it It looks after in no mastic
  • 03:38: perishable so its products You can store very long the main part mastic I keep here in this package to refrigerator and a part mastic which directly working store in a box desktop and these and other services she did not spoils I color the mastic predominantly
  • 04:08: gel dyes they are more intense and stained with mastic perfectly on different many stages subscribers the question is how painted mastic black color the problem is is that black is not intense it is likely more like a gray than black I probably lucky to I dye I am using dyes mainly outflows product and americolor in this case I I show an example llc top product I I color the white mastic black there is a caveat just painted mastic should be allowed
  • 04:39: mature later I I will show you the difference and so at first I painted piece of lifting gloves I knead finally mastic she has on hand painted much I put less gloves only initially Kneading with paint and after you you can see it gets such a little greyish purple in mandatory I leave tinted paste for some time, not less than a day for this time all sugar crystals mastic soaked dye and color will become more
  • 05:09: intensive Who humidity and temperature environment greatly affect on mastic Here an example lisianthus and link to lesson you see, I will show how acts ready to humidity product one flower I I expose to the balcony and another leave home and So passed two hours here it is the difference
  • 05:40: Flower has been at home he preserved strong solid and the be submitted to the street as you can see I began to soften sugar crystals in mastic nourished good it should be remembered that sugar is very hygroscopic and race drink product launched soften the the time required to consider Who certainly do
  • 06:14: early products can be proper and come here to your ornaments that made a few months ago as you can see they are still It looks good and store these products very simple it is only necessary provide dry environment usually I keep in cartons which paves the the most common paper even reporting to little napkins which will also be absorb excess moisture and all this I deal stack finished goods cling film plastic you this box and in such as decorations can
  • 06:44: lie very much a long reception especially useful when there is no central heating and outside elevated humidity this trick saves product as much as possible longer at Yes of course honey may be replaced invert syrup more for myself, I
  • 07:14: lately I discovered that invert even much syrup than honey mastic mixed with the invert us syrup stronger truth it quickly dries but other than that it it is still tight much whiter than that which hints invert recipes syrup on the Internet is very much of its experience I can say that much better do invert syrup of sugar they are refined from simple sugars so how the pie will an order of magnitude brighter ordinary as soon as you
  • 07:53: We got honey gelatin mixture it you can cool slightly not to burn yourself as should also pour in the sugar so as you can see how I do it directly but rather through a sieve because if you strongly cooled the gelatine mixture it can grapple it is the fibers Usually you have any gelatine mixture but hot enough not as the red-hot matches very often I
  • 08:23: ask for that I adhesive to use all just platitudes this is the usual piece mastic diluted water how to do it, I you'll show small piece I share the mastic small fragments could have done so the flagellum can be just grope small fragments the most important thing to crush their it was easier to dissolve take a lot of mastic it is not necessary because even from a small a piece of mastic will a lot of glue which is enough for a long time the most important thing in This glue does not enter any disputes which will
  • 08:53: call them on it mold that is use clean water and fair devices for mixing and so as you can see I pieces flooded very very small of water and using a spatula little I I stir these pieces with this water homogeneously states I rub knead mix the consistency of glue you ask yourself because that someone can be needed glue thicker I I use the glue
  • 09:23: medium density therefore in the process of Add one Two drops again stirring look just a lot of water it is not necessary to add otherwise you will have glue watery moisture has wont evaporate so ready-made glue with little time compacted the same thing I add to a couple of drops of water stir and such way refresh glue
  • 09:54: a suitable adhesive for light decorations to moderate if you have a severe what the elements of the better to use so-called edible glue it reinforced concrete ability to keep heavy objects the recipe may I publish later primary and
  • 10:33: the only reason they are not sticking layer We need mainly for the manufacture of cane and is in that the sealant starts to dry or it already overdried here on this example where I scoring mastic cornstarch and this can not be done starch is very powerful desiccant in such the amount of starch your very mastic It will soon become a crust best starch powder table they drown in it mastic at squeezing you
  • 11:07: You can see that layers are not joined they are not connected between them as quite powerful a layer of starch it does not allow connecting layers that to do in this case, If starch is hammered I unrolled mastic another ribbon first of all to rid this ribbon of the excess starch have we remove starch as the most surface and in a brush this smacks starch ribbons and ribbon surface should be a little bit
  • 11:37: lubricate it with water It can be done either by an airbrush or you can do Here's a little hands So to Saeed moisten it with ribbons surface, and that's this case wrapped this ribbon in bobbin and then in May and we we obtain a homogeneous stick this technique suits both
  • 12:07: emergency best before work mastic knead well to she was no longer dry to grip Word was best overdried mastic it is always an inconvenience work as well reduction of working with by the details like You see the second the case of all of its united of powdered sugar on
  • 12:41: one hundred percent dependent mastic quality the dough is very important to powdered sugar it was the smallest without grinding presence there these crystals crystals can be feel if little sugar powder chew on this powder will be slightly crunch on the teeth the danger of crystals mastic dough brewed on honey gelatin-based It is good except a hot benefit small fragments powder more stable to moisture and but if the temperature
  • 13:11: present the crystals under exposure humidity and they temperature begin to melt becoming so way to a syrup mastic humidity much dough increases and all mastic turns in a very sticky wet raw materials and the less quality powdered sugar and more it crystals of the worse by quality it turns mastic dough in such mastic must be additionally add starch Speaking of starch very often ask what difference between corn and potato corn starch
  • 13:41: more delicate and white it is more in the air Unlike potato which is not only but the heavy powder It has a light gray shade This shade can ready to go product and so this I tried to video answer most frequently Asked questions I hope this video help you in your work and will save you from problems that you can encountered during manufacturing sugar mastic if you like and it turned out my video useful for you
  • 14:11: Like put subscribe to my and a channel on youtube vkontakte group and schoolmates and now that's all all while