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The basic recipe to a mastic marshmelo for cakes - Mastic - Decoration of cakes with Natalya Fyodorova  See details »



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  • 00:00: hi all today I will show you the basic recipe or mastic fountain or something sugar paste on coating the cake It is the easiest cheap prescription Is that all can girls do at home not buying it fondant in stores for that we you need 300 grams marshmallow cava. Elena kilogram icing sugar 4 tablespoons of water
  • 00:32: citric acid and paint to taste and color subtract our Timothy porridge add 4 tablespoons water to normal room
  • 01:09: temperature and water Now we dissolve if you want your content was not much Sweet, you can add lemon about half acid teaspoon of frankincense acid no longer need because acid eats to paint that is place gal hair-then you can get green or instead of Red Orange's and even sugar can remove salts pinch she too clean such sweetness and the you we will not strong tab citric acid I
  • 01:42: I advise you to take and dry because if they You want to take a liquid then you need to reduce the amount of fluid for example, we need 4 tablespoons water if you want to take lemon juice then you need to take 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and 3 tablespoons Water that is, we the matter is in liquid a little bit variant compare well, I take normal hand I do I'm used to for Hire a lemon acid a little salt and water that's all Now it is all of us
  • 02:14: steel microwave very much on frequently asked questions someone says there is 30 seconds or a minute or there are three points to there is only one option you We need prinarovitsya or prilovchilis here because microwave microwaves as well as self each oven but despite various even at the highest degree they still works differently why you need a little bit to learn about and the first character several times a watch here at I like here
  • 02:45: studio and microwave and it is about We need two minutes and aqueous microwave ordinary the economic such need fifteen minutes some need there two and a half moments that have you here We have already experienced by themselves to look how you get it is the first time we seeing that very important is to bowl be high because that when heated they will be our car grow here that is be it but the foam
  • 03:15: appear on the steam for it will need to to watch this crap had got out we have been given such incidents course it's all girls It makes perederzhivat and the machine have you out of the bowl and do not it is very convenient remove the two mystery minute and look at the what is happening it is very important namely to prevent vypolzanija our sweets for the cup These are not It became great
  • 03:45: Vodicka we It remains at the bottom and and the truth is not seen and Now it is very important quickly Stir and and that's what a peace march is in basically gelatin whipped sugar that's This means the air just there and the eye main question which is all the time asked the girl so why in Mastic bubbles this is due to the fact if you do fondant sugar paste to which no calls from the car it leaves the air it is due to the fact that march on candy they
  • 04:15: whipped ie they a lot of air if now I put here and so oil stand all holes We go upstairs will see that it a lot of air and that all of the air when you make mastic It will have to go the axis that is why it is important to well mix up it's mass should get homogeneous smooth without lumps here and this step if you you want to paint
  • 04:46: mastic I advise her to steal at this stage it much easier than then knead Ready fountain so heavy we do this kind of star color blue paper and do not know I'll tell you so earlier example we was the problem Yes, that's the plan but now us in our confectionery business all This case has already been
  • 05:17: so developed that principle and play any role any firm which paint the main thing that like the color because that some firms it is the color a little dark to recognize such a which won for the body of water is not really love me like these here bright bright colors so the composition of the gel or positions in basically have no does not matter but if you want black color or red color march pacing
  • 05:48: this is the recipe for it these colors do not like So he does not like them It gets a lot of it gets very turn the loosely is, I do not advise this is the recipe use for black or red fountain here they are poorly cleaned Well for tender just such bright Color is super slowly work us undesirable here because if the mass cools colder is the weight you will be harder
  • 06:18: make it that's why he I add the powder about making dad pachechku is about there are 125 grams and does not simply knead intervene Us Home stir or vymeshivat we because we will then that if it becomes mass then I will handle Hard to work I do not always take a powder fresh so I did not and if you asked you know what's in the pack Poland but
  • 06:48: myagenkaya it is soft very soft if it is fresh dirty and it firmly despite the fact that it has already I took a little air humid air and she'll be with lumps that's why there is already in the ankle boots on if you are an amateur you there are already powder worth a week or two and date better course Sift if she immediately from store fresh the principle is not It is necessary all intervened 2 item that is not know how and you just
  • 07:18: We intervene here it is very important work quickly yet Bridge to warm revenue not yet accustomed to this It will be a little bit in initially hard kylo 300
  • 07:48: about a kilo 200 water until ready it will be enough to fondant two middle horizontal bar You know this one and However, this is but it's because Germany is It called role fontant unroll schiysya fondant words Fondant is a general French word appoint glaze here it is the eye that is if
  • 08:20: simply say fondant it may mean and but just icing as it is all we have newcomer's it is official no signs here i.e official the amount of it too So we do not have girls that all started and hobbies all started on their I imagine all these words We came in our everyday life but I mean punch involve some the same sugar mastic fondant mass for rolling
  • 08:51: coating weight cakes here are one and the same about the different mastics and their quality we'll talk our next video because each the masses have their say he has his own the nature of all Different they have different destiny a different character here I'll tell you about it in which the same main condition it is the fountain or sugar paste covering cakes she should remain
  • 09:22: soft so you can cut that it is very important because that the mass of many girls ask you gelatin mastic but if we do desired mastic Usually on one you do not cut it very it will be hard will dry up congeal and the main the meaning of this particular weight stay fresh myagenko that you cut cake when you there comes a time that and you already seriously interfere vymeshivat here then I advise
  • 09:53: shift weight completely on the table sprinkle its sugar on powder We distribute here and Put the weight of the here you have a girl We have been looking how your handle on the I always on the girls course speak here there is no such here said Natasha do this do not have this because there is no that our hands all different from someone less someone mightier than I, for example, very strong hands so like me
  • 10:23: principle does not play no role yah very often especially young girls difficult for them to have a spoon I therefore involve already I suggest possible spread on the table, on the table knead and not the spoon it already handles do it like this Now here's the raking say so will bottom and like this Here intervenes here is almost like a Central test it all absorb so now
  • 11:03: often too ask it here all will not go down easy it will all go down knead until until it is no longer stop stick at We have here that is it anyway for my hands it is very soft she begins to see Anna sticky intonation science soft methods need that's because it will work hard that's how I want very nice to rodnenky put a thick here this mass We need to modify and it should not be
  • 11:33: much better and mild better and improve that is, yet again principle does not knead and involve our dhow target quickly as possible once all this powder stir it we stir knead can then later when it is already massively is ready and now Well it together now we prevented all
  • 12:05: our powder and when We have no more Kudrin weight if you feel that weight you still a little bit tacky See here for a long time as the so cool ammonia but the elasticity and she must be elastic ie this is the most Now the success of oil must be elastic when it is not disturbing but you feel things still stick above does not stick not So I need to advise you in Basically it is the standard score as soon as you It is usually a little bit
  • 12:35: so as a bottle She was pregnant folded and arrow keep it we do not involve It left nothing trace of sugar there is no
  • 13:05: rights the sense of it all, she Lithuania is no longer any lumps on the smooth it stretches We are now ready we shall not a little lie relax and nod portion may be in two depending on the ottenochka and if you You want a more saturated color here we have a bank said paint
  • 13:36: manifests itself a little later the have we here until hours kiss such art depending on the weight it can further yes that is manifest often girls ask steal red they get pink pink rose and danny how microsleep but a little resistant soak up the scenes shows how we We give a little bit rest edge I pile up here immediately the same bag deal well go from here the next video I'll
  • 14:08: show how the same oil, and she It is prepared obtyanut like dota correctly and won cover and something else that we also have all You know next time put huskies write comments we answer your thanks to all the questions