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  • 00:00: Hello dear viewers Subscribers my name Michael and I again welcome you to channel in the hard wood video clip speech will focus on merging wood I will not be long talk show you here a laminated timber you can see it is made up of at many different but in fact plots fact it is hollow
  • 00:30: structures that glued together from a box furniture board You see here produced by gluing both along the grain so and across all these joints naturally very much spoil view junction is seen in two cases, either when is that poor quality gluing it there is a gap and clearly shows the dark edge or a transition 1 of the texture in another Naturally all this once heavily evident This box is assembled in closed construction at help mills corner Splice now I I show one wall are removed, and that's this profile, we
  • 01:01: We get this profile done using cutter for a corner splicing or thing is sometimes called cutter to simulate array well all by itself a very logical if we It is located at the junction Reborn then there is natural place move from one texture to another in this case, we have a joint will almost invisible and let for comparison, take this option if I glued 2 plots here in this way classically Naturally here this interface is very line
  • 01:31: would strongly caught the eye in this case, if you have one We go to the texture different here It is the place gluing it naturally It hides itself gluing and let us show of Splice practically perhaps imperceptibly Many of you have already I heard a lot about these frescos and needless Of course if I I use strong the board would full imitation solid timber but only complete inside it at me
  • 02:01: shotgun when external I left the project made ladder and central pillar of cheval was thus did imitation solid timber is done Connect very easy to here such cutters for corner splicing they may have different size and Now we have this in details I have a talk cmt cutter encore and is such a cutter Globe all three Cutters are different different both in size and geometry here These two mills have
  • 02:32: shank 12 millimeters here this cutter shank 8 millimeters because the almost always 3 removable cutter and there is one just the load on the a very large mill shank 8 I do not millimeters It inspires confidence even I do not remember why I I bought the mill but I gently work it let fear and maybe I have it will simply Interior work I it is here that cutter and sometimes young Arab like you You see the size of the frieze different and accordingly they ability to work with
  • 03:02: different material let the thickness of the this talk in First of all this I bought specifically markers do drawing it to be larger more clear and now we to consider that the first place should pay attention to this circuit it has an angle cutter 45 degrees necessarily have zigzag in the center This may zigzag vary both height and in the depth of the main operating parameters cutter is working length it is measured between Now these two points and working here
  • 03:32: the working length of it determines maximum thickness board with which we can work if we exceed this size at the end of Cutter does not get and we appear a small step naturally, this removed in step keep in th mate and does not close a compound that is compound get loose this effect should be take into account both the lower point and on because the upper mill is relatively zigzag teammate symmetric
  • 04:02: sizes run a cutter normally possible Only on the milling table if you will be operate this mill with a router in the hands of the it is likely that you just spoil the workpiece This cutter is very hard work to it applied very big on load and naturally if you driving a mill hand that if you Occupation as soon as all and will be the be sure to knock path and Retrieved from wrong uneven butt when I just learned work with this I tried to mill such a literature
  • 04:32: Find forums read I tried on these videos but the way you are so personal and found It comes down to the same need find the center point and relatively this central point put cutter relative table and also here stand side stress that is central point everything is clear but how find it as well as to determine the parts and how put right the height of the cutter and lateral position stop this word anywhere It does not say the central point
  • 05:02: is located intersection forming a cone and oblique edges zigzag cutter But when we have the central point which physically presi determine practically impossible same time talk about what is the maximum and minimum size boards that we We can sell at With this cutter course we the maximum thickness It is here in these limits I'm relatively horizontal boards as the cutter symmetrically and the same most will apply to the vertical part Now the maximum
  • 05:32: board thickness which we can process she is working the length of the cutter well, if Actually the little slightly less somewhere literally at least 2 March 10 less well if a year from the plot You have absolutely uniform thickness need is for to correct are milled on the same settings both and in that the workpiece case they have come together sure exactly Why is it so important to convince Ali We have the same So I took a thickness Rail I sawed it on two and sit on
  • 06:02: I have the thickness of 1 floor Both parts have two base plane this edge and the plane Only one item we shoo and the other vertically shoo horizontally us reference planes a table and rip fence the reference plane I said red vidyushku one detail we will be held here so through the mill and the other part will be place like this thus at 1 another workpiece how is
  • 06:32: milling adjacent to base side corner that is, here, this angle on one and on the other workpiece here all but if the same We consider the same very situation with respect to the cutter and relative to the table the situation here drastically changes here we the base plane and we have control. this edge that It has to if we come together banishes the workpiece then horizontally we have a reference point It is here in this a point that is at the top cutters If we then turn over
  • 07:02: us this warning. it goes to the same edge the opposite milling point if we will mill exhibited then asymmetrically We will not turn match control point is have an edge and details we disperse in different side among this We must be very accurately stand mill the slightest deviation central point up or down It is immediately mismatching of the corner and similarly, if It is happening mismatching of the thickness of the angle we also leaving and so we
  • 07:33: a little distracted but it is a distraction very important the central point cutters must necessarily coincide with the center line board as in vertical location and when horizontal maximum thickness boards we reviewed Now let let's see if we thin board if the thin board naturally we level rises table and move parallel stop here angle is obtained which lays down Doskaliyev horizontally here is the thickness of the board
  • 08:05: vertically but anyway central part central board Line it will coincide the center point and Now that was I quite clearly just take and Shade any for example a piece here This part is to be profile of one board, and respectively, a also will profile
  • 08:35: the other only about horizontal plane here at We will be very thin neck, if we we overdo it take too thin board is here the zigzag just desertions and now this part we will fall off naturally it identifies us minimum thickness I hope that the boards of this little fashion drawing will clear why there are also minimum thickness boards that can be get rid of with the help of this cutter minimum thickness the board determined Now the size of this zigzag blue world revealed
  • 09:06: the vertical part board and is now more bold marker show horizontal here this size and this one they are equal in size as an example, Now let's compare These two mills are have about the same size working length here Twenty-two and two millimeter here exactly twenty-two millimeter ie dimensions equal 22 millimeter boards we We can drive at
  • 09:36: help this and other cutters but the minimum we will have a thickness you see that different here zigzag a little while here Zigzag very large let's show closer here zigzag more here small and now let's consider how to to expose the cutter to work and at first We will naturally theory although forced state the fact that the theory of a practices nothing general have not yet Still many have You should be representation of the cutter there working. that real
  • 10:06: position to determine completely impossible is possible but make the height not in depth and the point is need to find a rather high accuracy example I dragged on themselves any particular thickness of well set 16 then in millimeters our operating point relative to the table must be placed at a height of 80 I obzovu I'm already a little and not it is important to us here will be located plane table and the fact the distance should
  • 10:36: be food rip fence the same h-moll but with proper we set up the cutter put a board and we the upper edge External is will we test point it must accurately match here on intersection rip fence and component cone cutters it will be correct If installing cutter we turn board the vertical control point from we match here it is
  • 11:06: sine qua non well before go to practice more to say some interesting moments here this mill it is not suitable Only for corner splicing but also Splice in reservoir that is, if we both blank profrezeruem horizontal then then we turn over Zigzag matches and the board will be connected in one plane the next moment for by zigzag we have increased area bonding naturally it It makes a connection
  • 11:36: more firmly and third This zigzag at us provides positioning details of each relative to each other well, it's probably you already We see pay attention when I together this box Here is the connection 45 degrees is not are leaving it simply squeeze and we each blank relative to each other is not running and so we There are two blanks is on swaddling on one river naturally thickness y they have the same
  • 12:06: 19 mm thickness It means the mid-point we should located at nine and a half millimeter from above table and away from emphasis on the same to the same Maiden with the most half millimeters of their let us put try eg using a ruler So for example we have very good eye keen we start restore We are putting a line and now I omit mill now I somehow
  • 12:38: way I put height but I can not be exactly sure First we lower zigzag side harvested secondly, to understand where is nine and half millimeters line just unreal accordingly, this method is not very good and to put about rip fence here the situation is even worse not line nowhere to rest postpone a ruler and use more simple way there is an easier way to us
  • 13:08: You need a piece plastic or dense Cardboard anything It can be started draw and make marking and that this the layout was good I have seen a thin fiberglass piece let it, I still Now she scratches I've got two pieces we will be here this working angle which we will stand mill I apply blank along the edge and I outline the I put on second edge
  • 13:38: I to Church again this is the angle of the pattern, and Now we need more spend two additional lines one additional we will line 1 diagonal turned square and it auxiliary barn and will be the main line intersection here the two diagonals just define the operating point of the cutter but since this template Frize can not make we will stop corner of my fresh
  • 14:08: but as you see I cut off not exactly in line and little retreat So get down to setting up to shoot with the opposite I had no hand It turns the camera does not allows so I He shone his flashlight I have a template transparent layout and also seen through the pattern seen cutter here this diagonal we combined with work edge cutter the operating point will catch on here inclined edge zigzag
  • 14:38: diagonal coincided the operating point is also at we coincided and now side focus must put so but he came out exactly Now the point is, simply look along stop and move to the Unless we find Well that's a coincidence all Well, let's sample as you can see at the end of
  • 15:19: must be very attentive necessarily use pushers because that the rail loses support and topples here received compound but because the edge very sharp thin Here you need a little bit poshlifovat so friends like this It looks polished I guarantee that the joint determine the place gluing completely impossible if you show an angle
  • 15:49: should not be a person who is not I saw it He made the connection decides that it is valuable bar if we take unpolished then this crack a little bit significantly but cost us gently squeeze and you can see that the edge coincides even as I said This cutter can not be used Only for corner to also direct splice here horizontal land and this horizontal If we plot
  • 16:19: We combine these two daughter that is there but we get flat plane even among other things I can say that for Now this box I had to do and bedplate and splice is produced this same cutter Now that same penny with in this case it will complete coincidence only a single course direction fibers will give the fact that there installed plug but it set clear It will be difficult Well Well friends this video over
  • 16:49: I would give too probably many information, but I sure that every will find themselves something useful and accentuate it is the fact that it is necessary to among other things I have here still have paper they are written questions that ask viewers Milling about how you remember we have video series dedicated to working with a router for Beginners and these questions just will be included in another additional part it's all I plan to remove the trouble of a new year will also various surveys on
  • 17:19: power tool sure as I He promised to consider mass flight and necessarily will carpentry workshops and It will be several surprise that while I do not disclose will all have expect given , the program will I hope saturated I have all of this enough and on time This I say goodbye to you Do not forget rate videos and subscribe to channel it has not yet been made all while