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  • 00:00: hey guys today I'm going to show you how to do this braided bun using a sock again I'm sticking with updos because it's very hot out and you can wear this bun casually or even dress it up to wear to a formal event so if you want to see how I did this then keep on watching to start you want to tie your hair up into a high ponytail I'm using my sister in this tutorial because this hairstyle works best on medium length hair but if you have long hair you can make it work as well anyways in previous tutorials I use this thing called up a maker but a
  • 00:30: lot of people weren't able to get their hands on one so today I'm going to show you how to do the exact same thing using a stock first off you'll need to find a sock you should use one that's close to the color of your hair and make sure that it's thick because if you use thin socks your bun will have a lot of volume so what I'm going to do now is I'm going to flip myself inside out at this point you'll need a pair of scissors and you want to cut the tip of the sock so now both ends of the sock will have a hole now that you made a hold at the tip of
  • 01:02: the soft you want to flip it the other way and start rolling it inside out keep rolling the stock until you form a doughnut shape and tada you're done put your ponytail through the hole of the sock or the bun maker spread your hair over it and grab a
  • 01:34: chunk of hair at the middle divide the small chunk of hair into three sections and do a regular three strand braid then tie it off with an elastic fan grab another small chunk of hair at the center divide it into three sections and do a regular three strand braid and you want to make as many of these as you can I'm going to make about six of them
  • 02:05: when you're done you should have something that looks like this and depending on how much hair you have you might end up with only four braids or even ten braids so just work with what you've got alright so spread your hair and your braids over the bun maker and put an elastic band on top if you're doing this on dark hair you want to pull out the braids to define them and to add some volume to the bun just
  • 02:41: pull up from here as well remove all the small elastic bands and done rubble all the ends of the Brie now what you want to do is twist the ends together all the way around the bun and secure it with the bobby pin if you have a long hair you can break this section and wrap it all the way around your bun just like in that video and if you want I'll place a link down in the info box so you can check it out if you still have hair sticking out just twist
  • 03:15: it the other way and secure it with a bobby pin so here's the completed look I think it looks really fun and it's definitely different than your typical braided top knot anyways I hope you guys give this a try and thanks so much for watching bye to spark to be notified of new videos and if you like hara buns don't forget to check out these hair tutorials