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"Панчо" cake;. Step-by-step recipe of very simple and tasty cake.  See details »



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  • 00:00: hello today I'll make a cake Pancho for light cake sifted flour connect with baking powder and a pinch of salt to the egg room temperature add sugar vanilla sugar and sobem for 5 minutes in a lush light add weight condensed milk and good
  • 00:30: I mix the reference to the home recipe sgushchenki herein by video neatly in several techniques to connect with flour mixture bottom Split form diameter 24 You centimeters style greaseproof paper note that no paper, no wall forms not lubricated must Turn the form 2-3
  • 01:08: dough evenly spread out preheated to 160 degree oven I put on the form average and I bake thirty Thirty-five minutes cake is completely cooled down form at room temperature of the dark preparing cake similarly only of the flour is replaced cocoa powder sharp knife spend between wall shortcakes shape and clean
  • 01:38: the split ring light cut the cake into two parts, one part of light cake dark and we shall cut the cake small cubes fatty cream
  • 02:17: chilled cream sugar'll connect vanilla sugar and salt fluffy mass and grease the dish with a cream I lay out a cake dipping into wedges
  • 02:47: Share on cream cake alternating dark and light and between them strew chopped roasted walnuts nuts for sweet melted
  • 03:33: Black chocolate steam bath add butter and stir put cake in the fridge for 8-10 hours instead of nuts in this Cake can add
  • 04:03: bananas canned cherry or pineapple subscribe to stavte channel husky write comments share with friends you were Irina Podolyan channel Bon Appetit