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  • 00:00: hello my dear Friends of three canned Lithium Polymer battery for five to half amperes per hour where 3 is used in quadrocopter and one of the videos we you this very with a small battery alteration wound up car instead staff battery who do not seen vidos necessarily he will see the final window that the car wound it is not surprising because Five and a half amps must be multiplied the number of prices for 35, we get maximum current 192 half ampere course of this current enough to start motor cars car and
  • 00:30: this should only be enough to spot welding that we you try to do in this video rhythm and will be two copper electrodes I took from Chinese svarochnika on how you you know they can be made of ordinary copper thick wire clamped connector for wire connection and then I have two pigtail on two and a half each square you know enough to be connect the plus or minus these wire and start cooking after all us immediately overheat Lithium Polymer
  • 01:00: Battery here is important issuing charge dosed and I ordered this here such a solid-state relays aliekspressa a reference to it, and you I leave in the description This relay is on DC in Unlike that we used for 3d printer here we control signal DC and live load current and the relay we are not fit and those who do not He knows how it works relay is here plus or minus and these two contacts
  • 01:30: us with you that is closed control signal we can close your or break contacts of the relay peak current load we have 100 in this case, ampere Of course it would be it is more logical to take the relay higher current Miss solid DC I I only found it certainly worth elena order 500 amp the way it you can credit too I leave it seems to me it is more appropriate but behind them Yantikovo will use this relyuhi blue wire from We will be + EV
  • 02:00: and cut it I cleaned out both sides of the relay here We have signed and plus minus the positive lead with battery stifle in the plus terminal relay minus terminals are gripping a conductive electrode in Generally here it all circuit is ready it Now before you connect the battery plus to plus or minus minus and we you welding machine almost ready for except one small parts control the voltage on the idea
  • 02:30: control stress can take very battery feeding it through trial button to the terminal that is when you press button on the electrodes will appear voltage but I do not I think it is right as this we are not safe we will file the voltage across capacitor and how its capacity limited and Consequently changing the capacity of the condenser we you can change duration take the unit pulse Power and charge condensate container capacitor
  • 03:00: selected by experiment Now observing We serve and polarity hop pulse light It caught fire and immediately extinguished ie the less than the capacity of this condenser in this case he 560 the shorter microfarads pulse is 60 to 500 our experience will too much so take a capacitor less so not to charge constant I gathered capacitor such a scheme it powerbank will charge our a capacitor that is,
  • 03:30: when we click on this button capacitor charged and when Press this button voltage condenser we It is here on these two O let Connect them heated We check energize capacitor start cop light blinked which means that svarochnik works check again all What wonderful device for contact welding we have with you Now, let's ready check and to take action Battery type and size 18 650 Squeeze top metal
  • 04:02: record charging electrode condenser and boil I think everything turned out pretty good plate welded to battery at the same time we battery I never warmed up and role and become ate lukewarm as you understand this svarochnik not fit for continuous use but if you want to weld pair of plates He easily right that If you need svarochnik powerful that banks
  • 04:32: This battery can be connect example in parallel then we not get to 200 amperes leaving as many as 600 voltage will be but less than you you know welding carried out by amperage why join batteries in parallel and order more powerful relay relay control can be not to use condenser and arduino but I for simplicity design example I found scheme where at the potentiometer You can adjust duration pulse try tear plate and as she looked up
  • 05:03: but the effort had that is, to make feelings at all not inferior to Chinese welding that many thought of you expensive but trust if you will be make spot welding transformer microwave it will be no easier Well friends my in this video, I certainly showed you only an idea an example is not ready decision point welding, and if you you want to build something like that strongly
  • 05:33: I recommend used to more current it better not to save, and if the idea of ​​you I liked the best thanks to this Share this video with friends and Like all Links will be description on this I I wish you goodbye you good luck positive good mood bye bye [music]