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  • 00:00: Welcome to take I'm sorry for my voice you today they I want keygen to say that here in our magazine magic garden latest issue this last Mirochka you just You see the cover here there is an article about lilac breeding but as they say better once see than hundred times
  • 00:30: hear and read, and that's consultant today our employees chronic step Olga has Kibrit it Now show us how it It happens to applicable party withers take young shoots length do one interstitial ie two nodes and two buds one place we really up to 1 about kidney cut off the oblique cut remove leaves
  • 01:01: We are doing here coward Fox afloat. cut off for that was not strong evaporation and Here's a stalk in We now amiss for propagation by cuttings we do it in powder specifically Powder propagation by cuttings omit this powder way and then USD substrate 2 kidneys stalk ready use only
  • 01:32: these shoots other shoots, we do not suitable such here Kaput fat shoots called thick they do not chirp, they nevyzrevshie them very loose so Now it's cloth when they do not get this well as the roots rise not know we take in only those here here's all the same less such plump must be an escape still here timing cuttings
  • 02:03: please tell me timing is not anyone to sure when lilac budding already at dehiscence send when it lilac fades not graftage made here about this we need not to say that different It exists in I read the literature But on the contrary the decline of flowering Comp more win breast tissue there would be so Well, that's going to believe employees and chthonic garden because it would let's get apply better Of course the young doctor
  • 02:33: lilac shoots and frets much younger age when the older they are not the there are old and bushes hole so even tell Please here different variety of different sliced chuno who forged what is worse than whatever it is better worse than terry very bad to graftage made but if this is such a powder has cuttings course has more
  • 03:03: result I want to say that Last year I own experience has been I was very successful cut neighbors 2 grade cutting beautiful toe way too terry very good grade Here I used kornevin meaning there Here, too, there's pony this powder plunge cutting bottom I stalk allow me but the pool at the same cherenochnik plenochkoj until then It lies in the healed nauchnikov so now I but the only cutting so I
  • 03:33: each planted in pot on top of necessary covered plastic bottle and put Turnkey jasmine where it was so well pritenenie here and sing it all summer I there I just first cap this bottle has been closed after some time, I looked that already So I open this lid has a point they do not fade I cover opened I open cover the stalk Now there stood and Moreover, he and Winter winter there was and this year I now beauty
  • 04:04: Moscow rst two narrow new shoots of ie cutting successful enough an experience They say that lilac and bad Chayan forged but if you do not will try nothing happens yes that is necessary you need to try try to comply Here's how all the rules Olya said Brother's such young cuttings to give more time will show this fat that's so now we see this really fat here he is Well rooted
  • 04:34: we hope that We also all get our tips and you will be breed lilacs which you liked