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  • 00:00: Hello everybody Today let's talk about tulips It is one of the first spring flowers and hardly anyone not leave indifferent Now great amount species and varieties tulips of which everyone can choose something for yourself is all manner of terry fringed Lele and color parrot with unusual decorative
  • 00:30: different leaves early color blooming srednetsvetuschie and late tulips tulip and culture is not demanding their not growing is complexity but usually we gain a two onions liked varieties how quickly Tulips for divorce it needs them digging every year do it when
  • 01:00: leaves turned yellow but not yet dry hara them well ventilated indoors before planting and so we dug tulips have touched and saved them to now we are planting they plant We do this to offensive for frost breeding tulips choose sunny open a place it is more convenient to land in rows of the distance
  • 01:30: between which do so that was convenient and weed loosen the soil at the bottom rarely desirable pour mineral fertilizer I use NPK It fits well superphosphate distance between bulbils 35 cm than less the chive thick disembark embedment depth such that over bulbs should be a layer of soil thickness of 2 3 of the height most bulbs 1
  • 02:02: onion will give us few children in Depending on the variety next year small bulbs you with Jim again separately and doraschivat and large It can be planted on but a permanent place Yet again it is desirable in two or three years digging tulips otherwise they thicken onions quickly shallow and deepened in the soil color becomes
  • 02:33: they become smaller and smaller or completely stop bloom well here on this all if you have questions write pleased I will help All the best to meetings