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The boring machine from a drill the hands  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello to all especially homemade for those who are accustomed to do all his hands or for those who have who has a large and workshop today we make homemade drilling machine it as more of its call adapter catalytic day do we completely out of scrap materials hope that there almost every
  • 00:31: Gorazde to one of the no may be postponed in neighbor or found at collection point scrap our friends if you wonder how make homemade machine We went here a little list of materials that we need to making our homemade drilling machine the most basic Of course it electric drill then we go 2 stem from the front shock absorbers I think you will manage them then find profiled tube
  • 01:01: a square cross-section somewhere in the 40 to 40 or 50 to the 50 is the same for your discretion as we need channel for the base Well, either it was so say if the sill you do not have to replace it old can flywheel too a good foundation enough stable and of two stabilizer's pole or 3 if there is you do not have can this whole thing will replace Then I bolted show what they
  • 01:31: need and tell you how it's all about gathering basically here necessary list to start the process something we can be change needed you may have more some details additional Well at the end when I already in full all I'll gather detail and We stroll so to speak as a small test that begin to assembly [music] here is a base
  • 02:19: Do not get in Basically stanochek already almost ready it remains the case for small left finish fixing for drill right here in basically paint and it is possible to say so use the lifting mechanism is not she collected collected his panties Now everything moves pretty good all without problems so basically do not
  • 02:58: what springs We need it more so say a simple option not to put no Necid no asterisk is not split hairs all simply here such drilling shovel friends I It obtained either easier said adapter under electric drill I have to fix the drill I am using conventional which shuttle It went well for diameter mounting nothing relays I had to invent also it was very convenient to put
  • 03:28: relative to the table on plane and scald repent of the equation here our stand stabilizer that we serve lifting mechanism also lifting mechanism and we still It is here part of the post from damper on that wound cable on the cable we It goes down and down already standing there tensioner which cable pulls so it does not hang out is not slack it is good enough tensioned in principle
  • 03:58: size and all if arbitrary Suddenly someone missiles the amount will be needed I write to you size yah i think size not here principled each It makes for themselves Well, now we are the same put drill and try it I think experience will now we test the try drill square 4 mm
  • 04:28: see how our drill works [music] [music]
  • 05:04: just such a drilled point each can be friends create in their own garage from scrap materials and conventional so that an electric drill enjoyed most Like and put subscribe to channel but today it all until all the luck [music]