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  • 00:00: Good day all subscribers and my channel viewers show results my week's work yes yes just for the week I managed to link this blouse blouse This model means bat with three-quarter sleeves so let's say that's a The result model I peeked in internet and here I pattern are things on the site channel sachets mun it
  • 00:32: Here is such a mesh But under this jacket I I put on a black T-shirt colors, and on top of it, and the same very original and looks nice yarn I used in the It is as follows Here's a way This yarn with alize paillettes they are told Sasha Blonde
  • 01:03: it on her channel I saw and patterned I own strings wanted a blouse to have around but I would like to say their opinion about the data nitochek I feel very nice to feel you when all that's Hank when not vyazhesh not knitted crochet needles to say your opinion in the yarn and apart acrylic yarn there looking for the luxury thread on which
  • 01:34: there straws glasses so here very often sleep catches on a luxury this thread and the call is extended cause a discomfort in knitting that's if you want to dissolve the product it is certainly possible It is very, very difficult because straws glasses cling a luxury for a particular thread and thereby allow to dissolve the product but I have had peace
  • 02:04: turned down but a little It dissolved the course so that even when worn because I have articles of the present and if that clothes so to speak sweaters will touch any solid surface not at this table top so on the chair sequins dig into skin and a massage effect Now it turns out that I would also like to say
  • 02:35: about yarn Now black yarn blue luxe strings of blue sequins when you soak product spending wet processing in the wash water painted in Red does not know why is it so Here comes I twice washed product twice is staining to any then it will be I do not
  • 03:05: I know here so that such yarn I do not recommend for beginners knitters because vinotti relatively Well, this is difficult to me yarn opinion again modelku top show here I just like that tying rezinochkoy two by two you change I fell here all Fashion Well this here
  • 03:35: option on itself I can not show to Besides I women chic dimensions not I really want fall frame so to say in Here is an option Blouse axe model all very beautiful Thank you for your attention and see you soon