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White fillet tunic of "Розы and бабочки" 5 part end - YouTube

White fillet tunic of "Розы and бабочки" 5 part end - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: I finish watching Knit a second sleeve when you tied but that's our wing arm is my slabs completion the last row of a fillet squares bars rather then even polustolbiki cm
  • 00:30: these here so just so I can see he does not like this column dovyazyvaem between the posts here so all Now we connect and the most-the most recent ryadochek I usually see rachim step and here Tonya I want to link and peak polustolbikami as is the one
  • 01:00: . We've linked Do nakida not believe it at We will be the first petelechka 2 2 Loop 3 4 and 5's 5 floor I want petelechki associate pico This 3 air do loops and Bottom two petelechki picks and provyazyvayte and 5 that is, on an equal
  • 01:31: distance to it It looked nice 23 4 and 5 that's how it 3 aerial loops east cookies provyazyvaem together then there are 23 Thus about 45
  • 02:06: way will completion it looks good 23 elegant tracery beautiful here we are with you approach January 2 completion of the 3 4 and 5 We do knit Pico 3 aerial loops
  • 02:36: I will take away 2 a no ref I one two three 4 and this is our last Collar 523 do here peak and this is our petelechka 1 that we do coupling
  • 03:06: loop all thread cut the thread cut off about this fact turn over to the opposite direction should definitely hide between loops to your not . it has not been seen here in first row Strapping and this is how usually we do for several loops and Chick is passed to
  • 03:36: all sides were all beautiful is not static and here and then you can crop already be seen here Now look at that I still like you show here is our our then I wear the ark Ark we see I showed you you like I do decrease Now here it armhole see here here number of turns Here is the armhole that is
  • 04:06: I reduced so here then the number recruit and knitting the first row of a cells and then later I'm doing some drawing I chose the paint found the number of loops see here and here so here are squares here are diamonds rhombus them all inside too small mouth I decided to take here such drawing is not difficult because they choose
  • 04:38: roses on the sleeve quite difficult why because we have to do decrease as I did let control look turns here is our very beginning that's up to the light but we have two series bound Here decrease 2 cells together knit
  • 05:08: Again install two a series of related villages subtraction of the rays every two rows I provyazyvayu 2 cells together is such I knitted 5 decrease and then I would start I think you brush then I'll show start diminish each a number that is a number provyazat 2 columns when he row knit 2 column provyazyvaem with the sense of how it
  • 05:38: looks inside all rings in this way we here subtraction we have seen go square one two three here I have two goes again two or three times already here two idiots over there through cell ryadochek I do decrease and bevel natural 2 turned cells here together it turns out that
  • 06:08: three cells loins I provyazyvayu 2 and here is the which create both We get our weight wing arm so masses to Align it was clear that here it is It comes with absolutely a good ramp even beautiful but He is, or in the After a little many face 5
  • 06:38: I left a couple that the coils knit exactly all it is make a conclusion hairdryer that remains even though I did not it will be, we need to knit blouse I started down immediately suis fille a different pattern from you always do first I see the pattern Then measure the length based products and already on this I begin
  • 07:10: knit is our Fillet ryadochek here I'm starting to knit or completion or number loins the empty squares too beautiful looks so now I I will be here to knit write on the side so as not to be seen seams have length suits me I'll just knit know the completion completion of any
  • 07:40: manner Finally, I will knit the same way both sleeves on both I was knitting that is, first we provyazyvaem first we provyazyvaem number polustolbikov it itself itself between the bar and I I knit a number of pauses puffins and then bind It is the same as the peak sleeve
  • 08:11: That's how to make it equally and completion same way I I will knit here although you can of course several ways completion of the work I you like the show let us show you even just once say you tied ryadochek 23 how much you need for eyelets and here you
  • 08:42: smoothly and knitting and how you can complete the how can I pekoe I did you can here at We last vitochek and you can assume make w doctors that this Here it is necessary to our petelechka yes why I so doing loops not slept like this turn and going backwards direction look in the loop in the case thread
  • 09:13: pulled hooked 2 I knit again physics in this case It can be like this way it is It called rachy step that is, we pyatimsya not go back to the right the left left see 5 loop no ie we have previous loop we introduce to the hook we catch on with thread finger and already on February 2 loops provyazyvaem
  • 09:45: It fits too quickly we say it is necessary to prilovchilis another story altogether It is not difficult and can be here That's how I finish I think that is also very beautiful I almost always finishing here and see if If you have the product large and you need to last row say yes you have a little bit narrow down what we did thing we did we see skip this here petelechku knit here through one that is us
  • 10:15: you need to pull together and have stems to make it it looked nice then through petelechku let you neck is you Less need it here or sleeve under Now that is reduced you through petelechku knit and, in general, and Overall you reduce adequate and the number of loops knitting it is the very fabric will be betrothed although the look is and all the beautiful there is also there
  • 10:46: completion method work is also still can be and you can buy on my website