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Hot under a canopy from polycarbonate? We clean a heat, we do a cool for only 150 rub - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: yes this is the canopy which is contrary to the expectations of skeptics had a long time ago since the collapse pipes were to him bent without bending tool forecasts were as follows that the snow or even Rain or maybe just itself canopy collapses in front of it still building is alive and well and it did not happen any changes and even pipe horizontal bar suspended Side also regularly It helps I pulled my 100 pound carcass but two medals hand while the two sticks end all awnings Polycarbonate has
  • 00:30: one good shortcoming lift monstrous hot convex transparent dome collects rays from all of heaven and concentrates on limited area This canopy which He served as an escape from autumn winter rainfall and spring turns in which a monster She wants to bake themselves and your car melt the air which keeps on at 45 degrees spread around and climbs through the windows in the house so happen in our Astrakhan with you Valery Egupov on a first channel for ladders Welcome to the general this ash should be
  • 01:01: There was something to do not decision was be simple and low began disassemble options first make over this canopy another but this is nonsense cover 2 cloth after two months collapse in the trash hem bottom plywood but it is expensive and not effective 4 begins to paint peel than to scrape residues and then I remembered school years when teacher forced us seal the windows class rag tape glued to the soap or kept Next, I want you to
  • 01:31: it is not understood training videos and a guide to immediate Action is my first experience and he It was successful I decided, and with you you share the are improving optimize develop and So improve your take a piece soap and experiment crumble one third part in a bucket then fill with water to was chopped is closed about 23 centimeters above parallel to prepare with outdoor package
  • 02:01: then whitewash dissolve soap mixer until the state liquid jelly it will take certain amount of time if necessary adding water desirable soap Pour water in the evening it swelled to soap sticks to the one do not try to bucket pull out his mixer it may be difficult to end We start all over again
  • 02:35: The solution is brought up to liquid state jelly this time the solution I get a blank how much I did not dilute the I had a part
  • 03:21: pour which is not you do for progress and after obtaining jelly the desired viscosity mix it with whitewash in the end to give a mixture of viscosity reminiscent of water-based paint Now you can see
  • 04:29: the mixture turned just super it with parolona roller put on polycarbonate the inner bottom sides After the mixture was put in Now the beginning of March July no delamination damage and other trouble not It was found at
  • 04:59: torrential rains and African fat He inflicted fuzzy roller so applying happened for uneven continue Experiment with one sections with my solution further define to what extent red warms up flask thermometer solar light flow passing through darkened polycarbonate washed from the solution and thermometer in the open sun for cleanliness experiment
  • 05:29: take off with thermometers holder to light it burned red flask on car set drywall to heat from the metal neither I worked on thermometer now look visually how reduced light stream and finally at 60 overhang area square meters It took four packages whitewash and a half Kursk it shorter
  • 05:59: 150 rubles in October applied layer with my a jet of water and winter I will again delight and sun warm my car and maybe We do not look yet I decided