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  • 00:00: Good day dear Gardeners you Tatiana I'm glad all welcome to your channel fruitful garden today's video I I want to tell you a very simple and very effective how to combat ants at first you look even they seem a bit funny but believe so simple and easy that really seems that this just unbelieveble but usually I was going to It helps to get rid
  • 00:31: of ants Now, at least in I have a greenhouse some years I save only here Pshenko just sprinkle the places where you were ants it can be here just here border and flower beds and so that is, they continue to They like to settle in places here just stands sprinkle and through literally Day two ants just in his No, you simply do not You see there are different opinion on the about why on reason why I I will not go
  • 01:01: important that this acts I work very happy and normal semolina also sprinkle here These here are all the places where they have inhabited and For more effect can mix with sugar powder effect will be much better and that is faster and they and eat and die it swells in their stomach and all, and they are from this die very
  • 01:33: simple here such here effective means it is not necessary to sprinkle to water chemistry so Further well e.g. if you have somewhere in the concrete path bred ants or in a concrete foundation or wooden foundation I I advise this place kerosene spill neat and just clean kerosene literally there and a few drops this will quite another good help Birch tar that's usually a birch tar I have many times
  • 02:03: they say about him, too, just a few droplets can drop anywhere where you'll see them here the very anthill or just somewhere here where their accumulated some set Now I have literally yesterday a woman and I asked about the fact that in the barrels where She grows vegetables ants in bags there I also advise you to sprinkle or Pshenko or semolina or just here drip droplets March 2 birch tar vinegar can
  • 02:34: neat, too literally drip a few drops in any place where you have them You see this too very good help kerosene all he my forever saves because in the last year we concrete means bred ants here we dripped back little kerosene and for more than a year the place we ants we do not see and in the greenhouse I Now sprinkle Pshenko and semolina here are simple ways it would seem at first just look here even a little bit funny
  • 03:05: but it works it I hope to act is that many help get rid of ants in the garden and garden plots If you like my tips today put the huskies subscribe to my channel expression garden with you was Tatiana all good all good-bye to all excellent yields and yielding vegetable garden all bye bye