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Weaving of rugs from rags on a frame with carnations  See details »

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  • 00:00: a a you just
  • 01:30: looked so wonderful video where girl so deftly so ingeniously adhesive pad and the wind look at what They agreed to work and actually no complicated tools are apply Hello, I'm Irina Voroshilov I am very like any such handmade techniques and always try their learn and apply, and But today saw such a wonderful video I wove
  • 02:00: mat me so I could not wait I searched at home and found just such a frame it is too early for paintings for pictures and posters she's such high tank I ran bought clove it all in I took what little time I was lucky I bought exactly the cloves and that need is finishing
  • 02:30: nails This sturdy carnations Here you can place honor written nails Thin galvanized diameter 18 mm and the length of the classic 50 But in millimeters box e145 pieces they do not enough was enough for me But for the scope 35 25 May rent He was quick to clove stuffed it
  • 03:00: All I was doing my own I could not wait to husband working in the country, I do not I can wait until he and generally how come he will appreciate my new initiative so I I did everything myself and assure you that really perhaps this turned mat Of course that's a rug turned size frame on a nail, he on the team a little bit so if you what is needed a certain size it should be framed little to do
  • 03:30: More where this mat can be used very often Inquiries on this mat stool chair then Of course you frame It must be indirect and almost square The size of this chair We get such rather thick thing well, just mats mat somewhere around centimeters but can a little thinner Now I ' I liked at least case Ochirova well simplicity
  • 04:00: the execution and the main just to the devices on where it is necessary to do for the first times better than use the old knitted things you You see what there thin stripes Now such stripes need cut, taking into account the fact that the knitted fabric It stretches from just knits you will a little easier you probably work You can do it even as did those girly was not little more and I'm still here in manufacture of frames and
  • 04:30: I made several these errors I'll tell errors Then when I chat show how It is on today just introductory here's a video I It showed its product showed frame shown cloves that I from this happened so I has not said that Here I used old product are cut into strips and I I prefer to sew these stripes to they were the same
  • 05:01: tesemochki Here and at me but Vishnu string I used because in the first place I will select this call These colors come here secondly, it is very anxious to somewhat quicker use this this method to try it and of course Tell you our dear viewers and readers I still want to appeal to you to deal is that
  • 05:31: information helps distribute and you the more you comment put huskies or dizlayki it completely your business but the soon this information will be spread in Internet therefore help my friends this information free and in my opinion very very interesting and subscribe to our channel because we often experimenting and you You see and learn many interesting
  • 06:01: some things ones we invent themselves and some study and We have been passed on to our mentality in our language and show you a but
  • 06:37: a here
  • 07:24: I want a little bit comment needlewoman makes 4 cross Steve Then she fixes and one edge releasing steam thread the other end It holds its form plain weave edge rug
  • 07:54: treated the hook I must say that I do not immediately reviewed and I was pretty hard a few times I had remake but peer Still, I finally I understand the technology and in the next video, I I show you how I have to do for now buy cloves frames harvested tesemochki Slice next video we you do mat
  • 08:24: you probably already understood that the size rug depends only by the scope of the ie it can be completely full bedside rug Mats rug the bath mat it can be small mats under hot in general destination and very very time you Irina was Voroshilov Once again subscribe to our channel to come
  • 08:54: our website utilitarian needlework before the meeting