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  • 00:00: hello very often starts weavers set questions about how withstand smooth angles rectangular basketry we We decided to dedicate At this point, a a little lesson there lesson today I
  • 00:31: will tell you how I Keep straight angle that is the answer to question of own experience this experience to me I came of course from other artists I I try to follow then all the novelties how many masters out of this the situation is exactly the angles They come with experience but besides experience still need However, I think that my
  • 01:03: experience will help many young novice masters handle this issue for weaving rectangular boxes in the When to use Here is such a zagotovochku of Lego drawn up on its currently she holds and wrapped masking tape it so convenient here
  • 01:33: reviewed and horizontal and vertical line convenient to hold on it stands and is still very is convenient in that it does not flex ie form must be firm already convinced not once in that if the shape of the solid the opportunity to braid smooth if this cardboard box with a soft cardboard is not well will make perfectly flat, you can use a solid
  • 02:03: carton but that's like a then it needs to be here it firm wove for her pretty box successfully but one cover filming you for shoes filled within good cereals to it does not bend when weaving such case, it can be use also still one option recently I tried when you need to do predetermined size I found in a box
  • 02:33: Internet tips masters of that It uses just such a plastic plates, plastic corners Well maybe it out from a situation where need to do given a predetermined size pletonochka only here burden the need to shape It holds not good bend to weighting I used here a brick I put on the grace and
  • 03:03: too Opletal It turned smoothly and blood at the corners boats here and of course I use here such Now I have it stanochek Well that's already old a long time for a long time used for weaving square on rectangular bottom You can weave different means the cotton weaving rope Here I combination with calico I love Rope this method is the fact that then it is not necessary
  • 03:33: substitute rack that is three series rope I have got chintzy small stands wear the most weaving in point I have got three again chintz and weaving so on until the desired size you need size determine for the form that we currently defined as the bottom ready to remove the machine farther next next Actions that the angle
  • 04:03: obtain a clean and you need to do volume so I I build up in each corner I should be on the rack 3 there is one there is I will work I was added to each angle pasted even two additional small stands steadfast but add here I take course
  • 04:33: needed glue the dragon immediate effect I want to say that rack added easy due to the fact that when I I flew one with the two I had a party tucked here are here's the skewers for many kebab I am not the master used for that does not contract to the bottom of the extreme the point of keeping his parallel if their not add the masters know that Rack and strive
  • 05:03: inwards It has narrowed that's why After we weave remove the skewers for barbecue and here in remaining space OK built up even without the aid of spokes and well come additional two lines of which I said that we give the amount in the corner ducts built up and I immediately decided these
  • 05:33: here Naroscheny ducts glue glue here These are the three things which in our corner and not in number but a bunch of it to triangle we get this same the amount needed to continue Here WORKING tubes we continue to weave We do not perform the transition 1k stenochku here case, I just
  • 06:03: Add another more working tube and transition I released only a string of three tubules the first row of the first all masters know that pretty hard weave lift Stand here on just after second third row they will already be as the first bars We try a number of weave their maximum align the Christmas tree from
  • 06:33: three tubes We reach the angle hug neatly Practicing Area go to the next hand and just as any special techniques do just just weave string of three
  • 07:04: tubules hereinafter Here's the penultimate and recently, small stands when I twist around their more diligently presses to form than But for other cases by this as my view also fails create more ie the angle of the volume then leans here leans himself angle we hold here He leans against the corner so anyway
  • 07:34: when weaving I am doing my best shape here as go on like this I stepped up so after rope of three woven tubules already 4 rows of netting already tightly hugged the form and additionally on corners insert skewers wood for barbecue for additional Now when the volume we turn on the angle from we get
  • 08:04: But his embrace labor accounts straw and it it turns out like this surround skewer plus 3 tube every time So I adhere to their corner and continue farther We reach the next angle skewer again add already 4
  • 08:36: the four corners of the c-300 chapters should add 4 benchmarks and strict and an angle plate Another feature here in weaving corner to be compressed it turns out seeks up here so that when the plate I try the very side not strongly pressed
  • 09:07: Well, as it pressed compacted that it does not was air weaving but in the corners I cuddle more carefully so for angle humid remind I said at the beginning of the have previous the previous point good presses angle volume and the following line is also good well pressed against the form so here it is Here in compression plus surround corner gives
  • 09:38: Here is such a little corner in the end it it turns out like this pretty smoothly just a couple of words about the the bottom of the bottom can be from woven rope or a chintz weave worn on braided clear there small stands, we reserve when you plate it bottom
  • 10:08: and if it is braided rope then add the rack Recently here in this manner Here I added the remains here because I will not have load function such a strong the load on the shelves but large baskets me It seems best make stronger ie small stands a titanium double 1 2 3 every three
  • 10:39: old men that evenly and was so the distance stretch out now two racks ready three small stands skip the skewers cleared away It allows
  • 11:10: between the tubes there is not very tight bears due to the fact that it was skewer so my husband calmly spoke manipulate and insert additional Stand like this here is a further weave the same way Here's how in the end it turns out here such but direct and Lena reverse transition
  • 11:41: a string of three tubes and angles exactly the same and the principle of added every each corner post even at 2 and Entangling the same way As in the previous case, I hope that my experience experience accumulated will help beginners weavers in mastering corners wish
  • 12:12: good luck