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Cleaning of a back lamp on Grant's Lada - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: so good afternoon came spring learned again household chores now I'll tell you how to wash inside illegible taillights or anything else the problem was next lantern somehow pump a little dust with 1 of it dismantled took off I will not shoot video complete how to shoot the lantern poured water all over washed you are not good some kind of droplets
  • 00:30: divorces me it is not liked and for a long time wait until it fogs up here's a look misted up see hunter is all that for this must be done took here is such a piece nail we cut foam rubber wrap up
  • 01:13: transactions you can unfold and thread bandaging several times I take like this I leave a little bit more after that for the explosion was forgotten to tie here and so omitting
  • 01:54: your fan is taking them could that's all method is not new
  • 02:54: I just found another one application of