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The Ethiopian elastic band spokes | Rib knitting stitches - YouTube

The Ethiopian elastic band spokes | Rib knitting stitches - YouTube  See details »



Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: the Ethiopian gum spoke this gum needles bearing structure pretty tight cells which is very convenient to carry embroidered elements of this its front side it Wrong side knitting this gum can collect any the number of loops including the edge Loop 1 row gum performed with seamy side and so to begin remove an edge loop do sc this way from front to back
  • 00:34: sc is then remove the loop is not Knit on the right needle again we do sc again remove the loop not knit again sc to remove the loop not knit, and so all you need to loop simply make a copy on making the right needle between sc it's more than just so is the thread removed before operation
  • 01:04: brought loop thread back to work ie here and sc filmed loop again once removed once removed from sc and such way all loops make a copy until the last loop and penultimate loop
  • 01:36: last bead it provyazyvaem Of course, the back finished the first row 2 series will have a front side with front side remove an edge loop now all loop and its sc we need to knit along the front loop the rear wall of the there were needle and here so the rear wall 2 together provyazat
  • 02:08: front loop 3 loops back layer We entered the loop and sc and the rear wall 2 together provyazat front loop is now look like this enter spoke pretty difficult because nakida uncomfortable and rotated beginning sc must not be rotated that is, to make it easier was knit introduce here as if for and a front wall We translate it back and
  • 02:38: easy for provyazyvaem the back wall is movement contrary to you speed up your process knitting together 2 front reintroduced spoke translate ago 2 along the front loop set back 2 along the front loop And so it goes provyazyvat 2
  • 03:08: along the front loop until the last edge loop how many searches have Airport once or twice and last rapport
  • 03:38: past the edge we provyazyvaem it was wrong the second row of gum Now for knitting repeating the first and a second series of such way you will that's so beautiful the Ethiopian gum I spoke to you was Our knitting school yarn