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  • 00:00: Hello from Cuba your doctor and how Vlad You see me now medical theme because I'm dressed up their medical shirt Now this water means tale is a fairy tale the US will and later today I simply could not resist our article on a trend we're pretty long she called ordinary spoon check your Health per Now I have this minute Articles are published at and then on a site this video a reference ladies and now I
  • 00:30: show just how it is done here try I do not know that you get or not work but attempt as they say No harm at you now then there's like this done as well I put myself aside experiment with a spoon to start you need the most regular table I took the spoon may tablespoon so make sure that no one is around or
  • 01:01: do not hesitate and chat to lick the spoon language to explain and but in fact the face I lick here as of yet so licked Now wrap tool in polyethylene and wait exactly one minute here I polyethylene I bag it there I invest and on the deposit, and here at I have a typical I put to one minute
  • 01:33: here and see what but will in a minute frankly I I tried to do so before writing this video I looked I looked at like I have found nothing but it would still mean try something worth You then continue writing author that means they say may be divorce But in a different color specifically purple is high and cholesterol and so orange etc.
  • 02:04: divorce white white such divorce or any unpleasant odors By the way I have there article about the smell on Online Doctor Vlad look very interesting article than from you can smell let's vodka aside to make here so what you may be and smell it If you mean by some unusual smell me there the whole table has here but I look even I will give here a link below but it also piccolo
  • 02:35: minute gone well here here's my spoon card show here is how if no I do not see in the raids Anyway nothing that's no color Change the color of a lie not change but I do not no raids This is not purple no floors this screen
  • 03:06: evaluates here try you never know because I understand that if you live somewhere in the village there or even but I do not know the village some little something He would be there one filter just sits still reach it Now we must try could be really and hay spoons to be some plaque to Plus you yourself could be You feel unimportant or something like that with It is happening to you
  • 03:36: funny you try this spoon harm then at certainly not will and if something will be well see article here Now this honor Can I have here You can chat to source trend mail.ru here and then appropriate draw conclusions here's what you can be out of order on I say goodbye to this goodbye but not for long goodbye will soon be American tale I will bethere tell today about how worn Americans to
  • 04:07: goodbye