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What to wash facades of kitchen from fat and dirt with. How to clean to remove fat from kitchen furniture  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] hello viewers channel Tatiana today's video clean kitchen furniture Of course it hard work and always have it there is time but since New Year is a time for us to do any of I today you I offer some ways as make fast easy not expensive and the most most importantly, we will not
  • 00:30: use household chemistry if you are any reason do not use household chemicals for example, you allergies or for you it is expensive or some any other hence the reason for this video for you start today easy to clean kitchen quickly and efficiently it so happens that we wk fry cook cook in the kitchen and we remain on the doors and any furniture kitchen grease drops that eventually
  • 01:00: freeze pripadaet dust and very hard to clean them and since clean some abrasive kitchen furniture It can not mean that we will do use traditional methods easy and effective I start work Now will show you how and how you can quickly clean the dirt a first method as a can be cleaned and wash well our kitchen furniture is soda
  • 01:31: soda and sunflower butter I took three teaspoons baking soda and 3 teaspoons spoon sunflower oil all I'm good Mix and we will have Now it seems that gruel we will wash our kitchen furniture than it is effective and the for example sunflower oil it does as well Pali role is formed a protective film on our kitchen furniture
  • 02:02: as well as light soda which is abrasive cleans fatty droplets that we have to furniture this is the first way a second bevel so he there baking powder or I test baking powder It took 45 spoons tea and now pour warm water here's the solution It helps us to easily and quickly get rid of oily stains that
  • 02:33: We have on our furniture kitchen we just take a damp any cloth soft cloth and put on dirty place reserve about 10-15 minutes in a third method me in this bowl It is citric acid and liquid for dish washing barely a drop 15 grams me here citric acid and a little bit
  • 03:03: any means to washing dishes barely fill water literally a spoonful of tea stir and causes on dirty place our kitchen is another and easy way to effective piece we put on a lemon contaminated sites fatty places that are on our furniture We wait for 10-15 minutes and then smyvaem warm water
  • 03:33: mustard powder It is known to all mustard powder, he good job fat our furniture will shine and grind on how clean it is and I I want to offer you simple and effective Another method of how to you can get rid of greasy stains and smudges that have on our kitchen furniture So I took about 50 to 60 gram
  • 04:03: laundry soap 72 I rubbed percent in chips now we you just need to fill in warm water and form must Now it seems that we mush and put on contaminated sites this method is simple effective and hypoallergenic anything with you happens here such mush and I have
  • 04:33: One more method I in store here I alcohol is vodka and needles I flooded needles vodka and formed such that the infusion infusion and easily quickly can get rid of fat spots vodka cope with their work plus there pleasant scent of fir and and spruce twigs they They have the same
  • 05:04: Essential oils are give your furniture bless it too good method or as a way to to get rid of dirt and 5 fat in your kitchen this method is better suitable for plastic how to get rid of grease stains on plastic if you and wooden furniture even varnished it undesirable to use such method because appear white spots which are very and difficult to get rid
  • 05:34: all other methods suitable for any kitchen furniture than also know how well our kitchen furniture not you dare to take some brushes abrasives which are scratch the furniture and you get rid of fat and some stains unknown but gain more a big problem because I will scratches of scratches will hit the dirt even faster and you have You do not do anything
  • 06:04: only ruin your furniture I'm using here these rags they look myagenkie strong here such gubochki permeable and well they choose the moisture they are very good for all cleaning or washing because they do not scratch furniture Oh good interacts with it and the finalization of I take a clean cloth ironed dry
  • 06:34: and most importantly dry dry wipe has at the end of this last step necessary to dry wipe furniture important to This cloth or your polotenechko was from natural fabric here e.g. flax or cotton or calico she OK interacting with furniture and leaves no stains and scratches and Now I will take one of the methods and washed their kitchen and I will show you the result You can also use any of
  • 07:05: methods and write below in the comments I liked a video you this method or not and thereby facilitate work for all of us housewives since pollution I'm very hard to remove and I will show the dirtiest place here I have here cooker and cabinets above the stove here the most dirty places and grease stains here accumulates here here it is
  • 07:37: greasy spots who appeared well we have lived at here it is necessary to remove them we will use such cleaning method with furniture baking powder I took rag soaked and and in warm water and now I put in the porridge on it It will have right to I furnished it well all our and about 15
  • 08:07: minutes seems to be be on furniture I have a lot baking powder and then because I do it myself I have done if you interesting recipe how It can be done home baking powder, you You can look at me on this channel very interesting video and I think that it except interesting and very useful for any hostess in reserve this state our
  • 08:37: furniture for 15 minutes It took 15 minutes and Now remove funds from a damp cloth washed down with furniture you should I have to be prepared dry cloth and immediately then polish dry cloth you You see the result absolute fat no stains and your furniture kitchen glitters and shines cleanliness wipe again
  • 09:08: try to be the kitchen and then on a regular basis thank you their longevity is not run at least once a week washed out the kitchen let it pleases you its purity brilliance and beauty Now all wiped we only need to rub with a dry sky kind
  • 09:38: cloth immediately see the result look shiny as good as new nice work as on a clean and kitchen and landscaped better mood you see these places where good light hits oily stains like no We see this method effective
  • 10:08: It works not expensive fast and efficient I advise you to try if you like today's video, it turned out for you relevant and useful interesting place Like and subscribe to my RSS feed to emergency meeting bye bye