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MIRACLE - means! Universal washing and a cleaner. The best means for washing!  See details »

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  • 00:00: as we see it all prepared quickly and get here see how much got you share with their relatives or neighbors they appreciate [music] hello viewers channel Tatiana today's video I want you share cool retseptikom as possible at home cook miracle detergent and important that it prepared quickly it is easy to cheap
  • 00:30: hypoallergenic plus efficiently because cleans all drait all even inveterate grease stains on pans on different all your utensils cleans can even I wash the oven I tried really classroom means a important that quickly can cook literally 20 minutes and It has all the ingredients which is composed of miraculous means have Each hostess
  • 01:00: So we begin It needs 50 chips gram usual economic 72 percentage of mail and I rubbed on a large terochku two tablespoons spoon without slides of baking soda and two more tablespoons dry mustard and two tablespoons ammonia 10 percent aqueous solution of ammonia
  • 01:30: alcohol and slightly Water literally floor calyx 100 grams the first thing we do it take laundry soap pour into a container more and fill Now this water hot water we you need a little bit wooden stir spoon or fork and put on steam bath or in
  • 02:01: microwave on March 2 minutes to soap dissolved all these chips and if you look at our shavings dissolved almost all Now this weight we add half a liter can be 400 grams boiling hot water and all we need stir
  • 02:32: slowly to smooth with Actively stirring two minutes our suds acquired such uniform consistency now this soapy solution we have add soda mustard and adding ammonia soda mustard mix all ammonia add recent queue then wait
  • 03:03: literally minutes ten and we our mixer whisk our miracle solution 10 minutes by means slow speed get a gel air gel add two tablespoons ammonia Of course not desirable breathe because it volatile substance but it helps a lot our business it plays
  • 03:34: important role wait 10 minutes until our weight cool slightly then using the we vzobem mixer on slow speed 10 minutes to get a air gel we will pour of jars and can be I have to use After whipping us Now this has turned lush cream is such a dense but interesting lush mass here this we have a lot of transferred to a jar and close tightly
  • 04:04: I cap prepared floor 2 liter jar of will be sufficient to our gel and so recruit and immediately close This gel is not suitable only for cleaning and washing dishes in the kitchen can I have said wash and oven and microwave that anything but still want you say that this gel
  • 04:36: well suited for washing this gel good wash kopecks times to erase things or dirty, grease stains on I vich well satisfied with this content and so versatile Wonder cleaning washing as well as for laundry ready as we see it all prepared quickly and get here see how much got you share with their relatives or neighbors and they appreciate
  • 05:07: may be too cook at a hypoallergenic miracle means and but I I think that life We need each hostess so try not experiment stop his work always succeed Stay with me see you soon yet till