Cottage cheese in 9,5 minutes. Simply, tasty, cheap.  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello, we making cottage cheese sour milk his salt please there need 2 a liter of milk fat 25 percent of these limits I put on the burner
  • 00:32: set fire to the state certificate big fire that will do need a lemon lemon juice about three wineglassful Milk can be taken as well as a brief period Storage 35 days are authorized even UHT milk warmed put the cream somewhere 5
  • 01:04: tablespoons 20-sour interest slag cover with morality milk and stir starts warm and begins to separate fraction of thick white and closer to the boil I pour milk lemon juice Department of frags sharply
  • 01:38: accelerated milk begins to boil it is necessary to reduce the heat section and not escaped Generally it here result of our intense activity on the face namely surface pots as anyone More like in this whole thing
  • 02:23: a colander lined with cheesecloth liquid serum so called separateness from it me in a saucepan some amount we will need a resolution May hold much
  • 02:53: salt to pick and choose, I slightly where the floor tablespoons of this quantity number here somewhere 350 grams Nosenko's what Basically it already you can eat just probably nine to and a half minutes It may even be less Baikal is necessary now press which I do I cover plate and stack
  • 03:25: oppression in this case 2 7 thunder Well, somewhere in an hour here hour let them do it and to live all fast and easy turned stool check over the pan is not magic 3 years, this pan rubles 40 kopecks Is this the pan Time Machine some in an hour
  • 03:55: Thomas I I call cheese in general, that they and is an delicious well id can be postponed
  • 04:29: a we turned porous while dense and very Delicious young sir from his cut on pieces and put in this bank yes and learned about serum
  • 05:00: Ambassador how much salt decide to put themselves more less like you like slices of cheese I will put in a jar and refrigerator this business could lie no that hardly hide he will give it lie so much something like that
  • 05:38: cucumber salt coarse sea salt Bon Appetit good luck to meet