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How to Make the Beautiful Hairdress the Bunch to Sebha \/ the Hairdress the Hands \/ the Hairdress on March 8  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello everyone ready-made system as make money to me the team needs five 5 people whom I will all teach and we will be together to earn is not important where do you live russia ukraine belarusia Kazakhstan is not in principle if you feel is ready and ready actively work to earn money then go on link in description hello to my beauty I want to offer you another option a pack which is very nice and neat looks and is done it is very simple for
  • 00:31: you need to start well brush hair then on each side I I separate the strands from the face and so far their we fix in order so that they do not prevented then the hair behind we divide into three parts note that part in the middle should Be wider and now we from the central part make a high tail then we cast the host forward take a bagel and
  • 01:01: fix it invisible right on place of gum [music] then we throw host back and we tie hair under bagel [music] now need distribute all hair evenly invisible in for our the bundle does not go anywhere moved and now I start the back strands start spreading
  • 01:31: hair and hairstyle around the beam and in the same way with the help of invisible we fix them [music] Thank you
  • 02:12: [music] menu and also according to your desire this hairstyle can be decorated any and decoration [music] niagan [music] Well, on this all all Thank you for watching till