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Closing of an elastic band two on two in the elastic way  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello I call the forest and it is channel knitting Today I will talk about how close flexible way double gum It looks like this in what is the all are closing double gum flexible way here are a few stages of the first stage a transition from double gum to gum 11 second Stage is provyazyvaniya two rows of hollow elastic double floor
  • 00:30: and third elastic stage is closing Territory Igor And so it is on the first stage, it is important to consider a time to gum was is closed Now I'll show you it intersection if we simply mechanically instead of a double gum will knit gum 11 at the edge we would get here so, in principle, nothing criminal it is not but notice attention where there is transition from double gum baskets 11
  • 01:00: get this here stupenechka If we do intersection I am now this does not show up will be is the feeling that a gum here how he took in total as it is done in Knitting at me now I did a double gum to bandage in the gum 11 means I need front on me necessary
  • 01:30: Wrong loop so I criss-crossing the front and wrong and correspondingly provyazyvayu that is wrong front Wrong I need more then not face necessary wrong and then I need to face I now again Wrong and in need I go ahead persons it's why I loop
  • 02:00: I crisscross not see seamy and so on face Wrong face Wrong to it turned neatly be careful to
  • 02:30: facial loops you always before Wrong during crossing the Cape trailers nothing especially complicated there so you make up end of the row and the way we went on gum one-on-one is now the second stage we need tie a double hollow gum than It is the essence War and the hollow gum is that the right and purl loops in you like divided into two
  • 03:00: some even series for the convenience of the first once that is done on ie different spokes in the same breath, we provyazyvaem only other facial loop I mean we provyazyvaem just purl loop at the same time when we provyazyvaem facial loop the thread We leave before purl just purl remove see facial provyazyvaem just purl
  • 03:31: shoot at the same thread front and purl so the whole series next row we provyazyvaem only purl loops at This facial loop When we remove the thread We reserve facial loop seamy front just and remove the thread behind and thus if would I be budded product I would have seen that
  • 04:01: my face and purl loop We divided this way two webs each of them like this looking facial you can see from this side I have obtained facial loop knit this hand turns I facial loop knit the next step we dress and the main thread
  • 04:33: leave the tail on length and often advised to leave three turns but you know I have been cases when not enough a little bit extra tails in the last row it very carefully looks, and so the needle and we begin to sew front loop here thus rented
  • 05:04: from the front neatly pulling thread wrong with go wrong side and underside with the inside We lose a lot of not so obtained but better not much more so than when
  • 05:35: not enough and always the right thread you should prove delayed and so again face here this loop it should not crossed here so here is removed and sew video facial behind that is, as it were, loop from front to back picks to
  • 06:05: the reverse side, too thing that is if you look with the reverse side from the back side of the same in the pop onto the loop in front I do not know you or be seen no front and then now I'm back I try another
  • 06:38: repeatedly slowly make make it clear so because I text more clearly do not know how align me more all to help this thought that the front Look back Now loop front-to-back Tanaka loop
  • 07:13: and so I have all the kinks so classic if you have a granny loop and they will the other side of the if you will to explain the movement left and right may be therefore mismatch for me the most logical explanation is an front loop captured and
  • 07:43: Now that we obtained in the end as we it was a crossing you can see Now that's the loop every second double gum it be it a little bit in blog so you simply and and pull each way loop and you will everything goes rovnenko eventually look like in such a way that is
  • 08:13: somewhere if I see that Collar a little more I did visit the topic neatly tightens like this way how to finish when the number remains here for a couple of loops we need use first hinges previous series as our that is, the last facial mass before exciting and that's the rear face
  • 08:45: threaded purl from the same thing wrong capturing this sides have we here this loop is passed tightens
  • 09:19: desired loop as I talked and then we straighten neatly, we it turns out that's a a sample of this region have I cotton so naturally maximum loop equalized after this one is enough neat edge obtained thanks for all
  • 09:49: I hope the attention This master class was you write helpful your comments but I say goodbye to you until we meet again