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Pattern spokes options of knitting of a pattern corn

Pattern spokes options of knitting of a pattern corn  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: greetings to all lovers of knitting In this video I will show how to tie a very known and popular pattern he It called differently kukuruzka hedgehogs knots in this video I will show options use this patterns and methods when knitting nodules located one of them, or staggered to the pattern on the sample
  • 00:32: spokes recruit even the number of loops in I gained 30 loops 1 row pattern tally gum 1 1 an edge loop provyazyvaya not remove vyvyazyvayut front loop seamy front and seamy so provyazyvaem loop
  • 01:05: alternating facial and purl to end knit series eyelets an edge loop in After a number of dovyazyvaem Wrong number of loop 2 pattern of an edge loop provyazyvaya not remove front loop provyazyvaem front loop seamy
  • 01:35: remove from the loop sc sc do on the needle and remove loop not knit and further in drawing the front face wrong with sc provyazyvaya not remove so repeating steps provyazyvaem until the end a number third row pattern
  • 02:10: remove an edge not provyazyvaya loop with nakida not remove provyazyvaya do more one on the sc sc needle and a loop nakida not remove provyazyvaya seamy loop provyazyvaem front loop repeat steps sc with thirty nakida not remove provyazyvaya
  • 02:41: seamy loop provyazyvaem front so until the end of a series of 4 series this pattern number pattern We repeat number 1 an edge is not removed provyazyvaya the first loop which is now Wrong provyazyvaem front loop seamy with two loops
  • 03:13: sc provyazyvaem seamy loop front loop provyazyvaem all loops backing loop front Wrong so until the end of series vyvyazyvayut fifth row 5
  • 03:44: number of repeats knitting patterns he provyazyvaetsya exactly as you knit first row pattern remove an edge front loop provyazyvaem front seamy seamy and so on until the end of the series such a pattern is obtained
  • 04:19: so pattern looks to face of such pattern with purl This pattern is knitted and can be colored stripes attach a thread a different color provyazyvaem an edge loop threads of two colors and now the first series provyazyvaem facial purl
  • 04:49: yarn loops a different color We start vyvyazyvayut pattern as pattern looks if cut its color strips so he front side so It appears on the reverse This pattern can be provyazyvat nodules located one above the other or staggered if you want to vyvyazat staggered in order to then the first row
  • 05:20: pattern provyazyvaem Conversely shooting an edge face loop is knitted seamy loop seamy face so to provyazyvaem
  • 05:50: end of the series and repeat pattern shifted repeat knitting pattern if at the beginning knitting pattern The first loop was face now it Wrong remove it not provyazyvaya with sc front vyvyazyvayut front wrong not remove provyazyvaya and so repeat the pattern Now knit rows
  • 06:20: nodules located chequerwise if we continue vyvyazyvayut chess order the pattern We start vyvyazyvayut shifting loops if Wrong loop and and provyazyvaem front front loop provyazyvaem wrong like this look if the pattern
  • 06:53: vyvyazyvayut nodules staggered This pattern is also quite the fact that Knit one row can vyvyazat beautiful land while knitting gateways or edge finishing products cuffs pineta caps to snip the edge was completed and beautiful