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  • 00:00: work cube system Hello here I go back with you today Dr. Vlad I again basement you in another little place to I had seen I hope that the entire I fit means why today But when talking a person moves a certain age ie 2 problems which you want how to solve here go in somewhere to
  • 00:30: beach well or just let bare hands and the age people here Now here begins hang out here Now this right here bunt such is first place in second hand of course, and the second a place that's on his feet Here is a place you need He begins to hang out very ugly especially women experiencing early as the we will deal with it Well start with the same hand simply takes dumbbell well what you
  • 01:01: there does not matter a woman is less men and more here and so just two here such here arm exercises He lifted down for back of the head and after 1 and a second arm the same can be two hands at once if more take a dumbbell nokia just show and the smallest gantelki our minds here and so as a result of training triceps
  • 01:31: yes this is the place but no matter what muscle Here and there the skin It begins to look a little bit swift muscle and the ceases to hang out This is the first version with hands is easier second option sold here are Rubber rings here They come in different size but I'm not the smallest there was also the most light means this ringlet that do
  • 02:03: hands behind his back we start here So they hand ring opa and raced but what almost the same not with a dumbbell with a ring that's how I 2'll move again the same same with the other hand But in a few days just guys that was month effect through three something like this
  • 02:33: here it regards hands Well, with feet like you We realized the same thing dumbbell at Knin girl wearing means don ring on both legs as the It says that's rushed one two three four seemingly easy We were already 20 times but it becomes more difficult especially not welcome
  • 03:03: okay too need several times a day here are engaged simple exercises and on the other foot I Now I turn around and the other leg the same thing in the end and here, too, the skin here and stretches of hang it all cease to do but are just two exercises on 2nd place course often problem is
  • 03:33: Well here's belly belly is generally a separate big topic somehow you talk will make our body beautiful all while I disconnect