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TREMENDOUS CLEANER for SEAMS between TILES  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good day my favorite welcome here welcome you to its channel and we Today will be with you do great I bleach seams between the tiles one there have tiles the bathroom on the toilet kitchen know this I also have a problem the same problem and if you do not steam cleaner it actually problem if you there is a steam cleaner
  • 00:31: it is not this recipe to you so and we'll we will do if we have do not have it easy recipe without there all household chemicals do you have exactly the house guarantee for this we need lemon acid baking soda and vinegar water all think that it drives you so Well let's start take 1 cup at low tide dishes where you will cook the mixture as we need citric acid in I have here somewhere
  • 01:02: twenty grams baking soda 2 tablespoons and we also need vinegar take 3 tablespoons vinegar Now it turns out this hissing there is now taking sponge dress
  • 01:39: necessarily gloves and we put this mixture on the Here's the miso mixture do not regret it, we and how many would be to rub If you have a very much of the dirt on like mine I recommend you leave for 5-10 minutes is all that is you
  • 02:11: caused you such here layer and leave rub anything You do not need much not bother just leave after it passed there five minutes ten take a cloth all for they do not wash be discouraged if the first time all not ideal if you happened never did and joints such as very very much
  • 02:44: contaminated with first times of course they not immediately washed clean not will be the well, the snow-white work at least the beginning there plus a tile she will be much cleaner than it was before and also look here here of mesh tile glue it is yellow it will never White because he the beginning of this yellowish color ivory and tile because if you have it white It must be perfect
  • 03:14: white but if you strongly launched nothing terrible upset with time will all normally so use this world think that he you like it simple at the same time itself a very effective at As I was not more of these thanks for all I know attention to all until till