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  • 00:00: Hello dear listeners today I I decided to make small vidoshku about how you can add different fonts Well, in our program we are we use it such a program paint wordpad in the same word Well basically how we would add a new font in windows system means first we need to
  • 00:30: Find here the free fonts that we can you download To do this, let's go online so I probably will go to Yandex and ask inquiry Russian-speaking different fonts and even just choose download free, there are different sites as you can see
  • 01:00: here is full of all sorts but I perhaps now enjoyed here these here and on this site so I'll go We get on this site and here they please all sorts of different fonts let's pick some any Cyrillic here you see a lot number of these Font Here you can see how it will look Now there are even cunning means that we
  • 01:30: necessary Suppose we want to this one here is the font Me download means Whether beginning a look mon amour he It called this font secondly, we still it is important that this font was and the Russian-speaking so by clicking on the this font look were here and I Russian-language
  • 02:04: alphabet saw This means that font suits us but not really quite beautiful can be any curls and make quite readable therefore wish to set up we are now in the steep to end and find download the font mon amour the media is good press here comes I say that the window I am not a robot I leeching to non-profit use and I speak download
  • 02:34: Well I have at downloading always open ones choice folder so I go I I find the daddy where I'll put it here I have this Daddy and here there special folder These downloaded here font that's what then I have also you uploaded see the file name written in this font and this f Now this format here well more than me nothing to do here I do not need to say save and I does this
  • 03:04: Basically, it downloads loads quickly and actually here yet I do not have internet needed because this font it is already on my computer I suppose close Internet To start with I I find the folder where at I was downloaded I've found this is my way Now I go to the computer here is my folder logo here my folder so they new fonts, and so he My mon amour saw yes
  • 03:35: Well to me it should be certainly put to Control Panel so the first I've found this place, I I copy here perfect copy I can close Now I go to the panel management but I have it on desktop one no desktop you can go to Start and from this side to find the control panel But in this panel control you
  • 04:05: see what viewing was not category because so will look for harder and choose well let them be big icons in these Large icons I'm looking for what concerns font so they them open I get the font in folder where I have not are stored It means in this daddy enough where I I copied here I speak to insert here I have it loaded automatically and
  • 04:35: somewhere on the letter M to l m n o p q r s t should appear mon amour So he came fine that is here I did but now let's check where it is we let's go to beginning in paint Well, in addition to Painter appeared to
  • 05:05: text panel should be click on a bukovku click here I will do just bigger little piece of text so now I go already here where my fonts and yet the letter m here it is He mon amour so I push Now Russian
  • 05:36: language Well, we assign all the hi perfectly well, I am through Some bukovki it small letters here Grand canyon Font machines and ready the sheriff is in Painter so save I will not be good, I'll come into another standard a program that also associated with text is wordpad let here so check on
  • 06:06: bukovku m here it mon amour please, and I I write this he Cupid perfectly well, as it enters the system windows that if I open your word 2013 is a new document probably where and fonts
  • 06:36: I find it even set [music] with minutes. So he monologue that is the most excellent their main program and the Shiites loaded can be you will find that the font that you like more than Now that I have you I showed it is already yours business and try to new appointments