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  • 00:00: hello my dear today we we will cook casserole it's very tasty dessert which I think you will like the recipe remember very easily for cooking need a glass manki a cup of yogurt half a cup of sugar vanilla sachet one egg and several You can take apricots any other fruit or berries to your taste but with apricots very delicious pour into a bowl a glass of manga pour
  • 00:31: his glass of yogurt now need mix and let it brew minutes 10-15 and for it We will prepare the time other products forgot to say more what is needed here add tea floor spoons of soda she will catch fire with yogurt I peeled apricots from
  • 01:03: bones and now need to cut small pieces Well, about this way in the bowl with the egg vzobem sugar and vanilla sugar we have a manga
  • 02:02: It was now and now we need to connect all products are poured here is the beaten egg cut at braids and all is well
  • 02:33: mix that's so beautiful mixture with us it turned out pretty liquid but with baking it thickens I put it on the form oiled and now send to oven temperature 180 degrees to 20-25 degrees minutes before ruddy crust 25 minutes have passed the casserole is ready
  • 03:03: happened great now it will cool down and you can will be cut casserole can be pour on syrup jam and whipped cream Bon Appetit