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As it is beautiful to tie a scarf, a kerchief, a palatine  See details »

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  • 00:00: yes yes yes yes yes yes yes no I see everything yet balance is taken minute thing-thing blood sorry please show come quickly and more even look most-most blood thirds also in grams He called Susan They competently stuff Anushka or bandage back stool large finger threaded disclosed and closes take over pressure clip when
  • 00:30: It begins at the shoulder very shoulder it completely closed get here we have this plate back at us too hot pick one side descends and if there's tummy wings makes less Now this part of the market, we less better a number of further any tippet transformed into Only the garden around the neck and cut dragged here this loop, and here in this loop
  • 01:01: Wade's this boy Here you get Here is such a knot. see cheesecake toss and turn on turn to us further about the time about 2 1 2 tie the ends Is cactus fringe can be chic like melts you can close the neck has no such critical mess size head and weave braid right hand need put on the left brides written deploy to himself in
  • 01:31: you get the rim this tail here this water You know between tails like this only weaves and thus will not do not no more less rim as is well have not yet decreased or such increases way you have it twists dopletaete with ring these donuts you tie a ordinary nodules the most common sound often what happened It falls on the collar
  • 02:01: beautiful in the photo kapyushonchik I love remained so 30 teach you how another topic share from stock chosen not good clothing is chosen somehow stupidly site Court further in bad weather overturn the back or plait somehow Dress up like speed and Now the rim tear myself full color something that's this part
  • 02:31: turned close Beanie cap chic on look is taken take one's handkerchief same handkerchief and He climbed the same I wanted to show dam went this tip from you it turns photos but the option is on universities already quite the other not so
  • 03:01: fluffy as I show loop, too, yes. at other way around children hyped unleashed here this part angered and We undertook saw future for girls so he I paid on show for these, even without
  • 03:31: subsidies quiet take midway everywhere only the shadow of a plan edge of your boy divided reveal closed turns nickname you openly nickname 6 prank farther of the shorter of this masonry do small handkerchief 6 fasten do this knot here tip is the tip here and the We make our way we obtain
  • 04:01: showed further hand make So he showed I get a little Neck handkerchief from great-great something more still It looked like a the first time will pair and put a tie that's like counterpart. just the tip of a hurry These tie
  • 04:34: tips on the one hand and fastened the other hand here on this I still today do not We looked back on salt tippet optionally as you can be from position and I'm looking for 5 burned some very open finger January does not fall down term firmly seated
  • 05:07: your shoulders next to Ben and I took a show ticket array to what that is, shoulders burned please tied We put on no more then we do not have the cap at that there is nothing Nothing right now, but I as the salvation of units and 2 snow one eminence
  • 05:37: part of it. that's the way in we get it there is an option as a wand in the ensemble even in your devices to hide and It is fastened. the same as we do Wraps to behold this tip
  • 06:08: tip but not all Thread the bottom pull the could drag on size down take the scarf and I I showed you Again, nothing that many again returning there knot if they light all It will still be so good lie or very effectively to tippet or the same most variants balls
  • 06:38: this one please I pointed to the Dress and easily Tyson is comfortable the same as me show on ballantyne February 1 immediately embodiment farther throw you on shoulders and take the middle of a again midway combined dress big boy disclose
  • 07:09: close to the girls shoulders and should not share with the shoulders and remove obtained that's an option under catches you it turns dickey TASS reports this as an option We turned on the hook helped you another option taken for ie the tips again we have placed the ball does not He went on his shoulders can not call tips and engaged ordinary sound coaching
  • 07:39: around it is great You do somewhere tummy who forging or small of a tie Now the group itself so most viewers may enlarge breasts without Now in this way and again, and close those place on a chicken or because Now you have turned has the following version Federation of the whole day are traveling especially to-date version tie when someone or jacket apache collar 4 fingers 4 fingers
  • 08:11: tying ordinary node very ordinary corners are not somehow tricky morning turned from dinner and the top as a growing on overhead arm on top of other measures you it is passed We wandered revealed if have any start-up can you come will sacrifice more green or holiday You take on busy busy may be short I draw from the long doing mustache Kansk Every year here
  • 08:41: short loose take a scarf or handkerchief flow horror I need to surrendered assume and here in this way loose beads you unscrew so they disabled can yet all so Remember your courses short, we twirled and here we are now them behind glass here on this place again buttoned on
  • 09:11: tying the law the node is not the case here such a unit an upper portion of the upper part picked up just put simulating submenu and I need to buy just collected all and lower portions dikes for this one the tip may be so long Now you drop We get another 2 series
  • 09:41: every step will be seen you will not watching you watch to pay him a father which is also in the collection Wali also yes Now Order now here he shows no She dressed to climb and an upper cap portion It is going to take lower throws for behold it wants is passed here as a warrior want I call son critic not
  • 10:15: of course, and so well Well it's still going to show you now I scarf around his neck Now he is gone find out how well collect widths and here That's what I wanted it also on a palanquin
  • 10:45: also will trim the dam can all here to try collect and width here also collect length inside news beneficial to the end Furnish a third volume hand in any but this is not the case for this we do not tip 8 take here and so turned a three-year long such that's the way fashion petelechka you
  • 11:17: He raised his hands tightened you do all the same thing that I made are you doing over shelf layout do cap Saw I wanted to do Now I go
  • 11:56: untwist in scale you get all You take the same option folded in half We took on the scarf diagonal can
  • 12:27: we raise blindfolded overturn release Rod for launch.