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How to connect a New Year's ball on a fir-tree by a hook?  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello guys, I pleased to welcome you on your channel and in today's master class we are New associate ball here will we Photo you can choose any color What do you want most important that this lesson we are going to understand how to knit Christmas balls with cap so we We need a basic color and color of the cap they see me from shadows ears chamber
  • 00:31: it is more visible as gray though he is gay also we will need first hooks hook 2 and a half since the I have thicker yarn another second hook number two because here you thinner yarn You can select any same yarn and knit one hook also we need to and eyes that will chew our cap and our the main ball do not forget all about the filler and you You can also choose what some scenery than you decorate your copper
  • 01:01: ball it can also be Not only some snowflakes such as straws glasses and so let you I begin to knit this Yarn from the primary color and take the hook 22 and a half number two and a half So we start as a usually with rings guru mi cantare amigurumi us standard 6 columns will no sc provyazyvaem means in our ring 6 columns without sc if you do not know knit ring
  • 01:31: amigurumi the necessarily see separate the lesson is not necessarily I leave a link at the bottom and generally advise beginners view a playlist can not only my channel on the other channels also look for that you did not have no problems with some basic things such as bars without columns with sc sc coupling loop and so on the second row we normally do allowances to each loop provyazyvaem two column without
  • 02:01: Five nakida 2 further meeting about connector two columns without sc 4 5 and 6 6, too, we provyazyvali 3 series in the third row we will you have alternate, we were binding column, without sc and
  • 02:31: we do increase all we have in a circle will 18 tabs provyazyvaem until the end a number of series, you can note can just take 18 loops and so let this series, I already noted as a common thread and do we put our thread here so here way and so we see where we the beginning of our series so what moment
  • 03:01: we knit series where he we started and so end further put this way thread our already is the next number 4 there we provyazyvat two column without nakida January 2 2 and 10 increase column, without sc in a loop so we knit to end of row Yes, you see it here Now tabs not marked. Here and here we were binding and around us must has already received 24
  • 03:31: column, without sc necessarily count check dovyazala number I throw and thread Now the next row it will have to knit three columns without sc 1 2 3 in the fourth loop we do increase time here and also 2 so knit again before the end of a number in this series have It will be 30 loops and so
  • 04:01: number provyazyvaem again thread moved enemies sword they start a series of knit now sixth row and in the afternoon we we will provyazyvat already 4 bar without sc 1 2 3 and 4 and this do increase 12 so we alternate back until the end of our series until the next mark and we have a circle
  • 04:31: sixth row is already 36 eyelets and so now the next row is where we do five columns without sc and ubavku let provyazyvat 12 3-5 and gain one here the same 2 so knit up again the end of our series
  • 05:01: here we will have 42 So let's loops We make our last with the addition of a number of it will be 6 bars without sc in this series and increase 12 34 5 6 and 7 we do increase two pillars without sc as alternate 56 increase until the end of
  • 05:31: to the end and we will have 48 bars without sc, and so here we are dovyazali now we from 9 to 16, a number that is 8 series we will provyazyvat unchanged 48 loops that is from 9 to 16 series all eight rows we provyazyvaem each each bar knife
  • 06:01: previous series in one without the pillar we were binding sc here in each row 48 in a row these series have 8 August series in 48 provyazyvayu and so here we are knit Now we were binding next row I let him note I filmed thread we start to do ubavki and so in next row we will provyazyvat 6
  • 06:31: columns without sc and do ubavku 1 two three four five six and ubavka for sex loop for the loop and ran so we were binding until the end a number that we night the beginning of our toys ie narrow turn not
  • 07:01: this booklet and have normal circle so we knit this series in this series have we must have 42 loops you can be counted next row again I note it in next row we knit one less we were binding five columns without sc and we will do ubavku provyazyvaem 3 on 45 and do ubavku floor
  • 07:33: jupiter loop for so we were binding up again end of the series and will have thirty six columns in a circle and so little knife share our narrow circle Now next row again one that is less four we have 4 provyazyvaem column, without sc and
  • 08:03: We do two or three ubavku Four and make our ubavku So again, we were binding up end of the series and already fastener tabs 30 obtained by circle, and so the next a number of you have already I guessed will have three column, without sc and live and will when we not naughty. provyazyvaem 1
  • 08:34: 23 and ubavka do so Once again, we will knit until the end of our series that we still it was too little this is now space and Remember that already soon we will be his to fill so prepare packing for our toys and so let about knit next
  • 09:07: series and in it we have 2 columns do without sc and ubavku provyazyvaem first the second column column and do ubavku so knit to the end series and at the end we will be released in this series 18 loops and so the guys So we dovyazali here we should be 18 loops because just 18 of the loop 2 yarn I have it
  • 09:37: bright yarn we will bind let's cap will do coupling loop and cut off our thread to her mouth it is not our long necessary cut off the pull tightens and fills but now let's begin until knit our cap and so for I took the cap and another yarn respectively
  • 10:07: I have already hooked smaller because not . thin explosion hook number 2, and so we We make our ring amigurumi amigurumi ring there will also be consist of eyelets 6 ie standard ringlet nothing changes knit amigurumi ring on second row As usual, we will provyazyvat make allowances allowances, and let do first
  • 10:38: coupling loop Now she's our top five and now do allowances to each loop 1 two following 3 then knit 6
  • 11:13: 789 10 and the last 11 here we knit 3 row we were binding follows, we knit 1 column without sc in next loop we do increase again and here is
  • 11:43: 2 so we were binding five more just let us knit and so that's how we It happened and now let's tie just 3 rows of 18 eyelets just 3 rows and so Here's a look Here we have the cap turned out let will do coupling loop this we ends and I I recommend you long leave thread for
  • 12:13: sewing pull this thread is now Let's do normal shnurochek Air from the loop looking at some length you want it and paste it in midway and fix recruit right now aerial loops of here such strings the same color as that of us and the cap and is passed in the middle of a that we It was such a Collar and so the boys Look, I won
  • 12:45: pigtail 30 I like the length will look like is such a pigtail and Now what we do we introduce our hook in the center pigtail and take our and just and neatly We try to bring through the center out if you strongly it may delayed have you tight here You see here as we enter here and now we just do uzelochek tying tight on the bundle well and we
  • 13:16: it turns out here such Now here's the rope guys we fills our ball and watch we do take our cap our cap and simply neatly or sew a needle or if you want to you can penetrate I recommend just take to put our a needle and thread in flash capturing tabs here tabs here at circle while be sure to tamp
  • 13:46: to have tight as a ball I sewed our guys ball cap and himself the main bead on Bella all tight and out neatly thread as usual I hid in here in this way he Now it turns out you You can decorate it as you want sew sequins and stars unimportant Snowflakes what some anything is possible Christmas can all take make such a a motive let will this Christmas trees example of small and sew it straight
  • 14:16: needle also like tell you if you take thicker at the yarn you can get in the same way here the ball with cap much I look over here I took quite a yarn still thick it It was originally from paillettes that is, I do not embroidered it see here such Here yarn is very thick, and there is sequins that is exactly in the same way nothing has changed I came here a ball so before to knit
  • 14:47: necessarily pick up the yarn you want and the calculation of which is not the size you want get ball that is see What I have it with right side and What I have it with the left side and here is a little big boys here We Christmas ball I'm ready to have sewed via cap strings and pins and also been made little one New design up like such small
  • 15:17: snowflakes you can beautify what some sequins or something like that, too, Christmas sew or if you want to make such some sort of pattern let striped I also would like you to show in another color version and another pattern here as if we have snow on It is also bright enough red yellow means you You can choose color that you like and knit these Christmas balls very like
  • 15:47: your family and close and very will be pleased get the new year to decorate the Christmas tree or your room for example at the same time our the lesson is over subscribe to stavte channel husky if you like this video and we are with you see you next lesson