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Twisted quilling leaf tutorial  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello everyone hi I'm Lynne also known as as Lina Abdul and today I'm going to be teaching you how to make a quilling leaf um just like this one okay it's a actually a looping technique yes but once you twisted it with the qualen tool you will end up looking like this so
  • 00:30: let's get started I'm using shredded paper and three different types of green color 3mm quilling strip and the length is two hundred and ninety seven millimeters okay this is how I do it I just line them up
  • 01:02: okay so you want to glue this part first okay
  • 03:13: I can't use this one anymore this is too short so I have to cut the extras here and glue this part so
  • 04:08: that's how you get that shape so once you've done that okay let's see if I can really focus once you've got that shape you would need this client tool because the gap see if I focus it has a larger gap so I
  • 04:39: can put it in between paper of that and then I just twist it let you you twist and roll it down oops and you see
  • 05:11: twist it gain it's done see how pretty is you can
  • 06:22: use the same technique with other colors to make flowers not just making leaves so if you want to leave to be bigger and you know wider so the more people you use and them and make sure that it's longer so I hope you will give this a try thank you so much for watching bye